5 Reasons You Shouldn't Weigh Yourself Everyday

Aug 02, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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We all know that stepping onto the scale can be quite a challenge for many people because they struggle with seeing the numbers on the scale, and they might even feel as if the hard work they are doing is going to waste.


The scale used to be a harmless tool that our moms used to check how much vacation weight they had to lose, but as we got older and started using scales ourselves, we found out just how harmful they could be.

For this reason and many others that we will discuss in this article, you should not weigh yourself every day.

Body Composition



While we are taught all our lives about what is and isn’t healthy for our bodies and the myriad of ways in which you can lose weight, one thing we are not taught very often is that our body composition changes from day today.


This means that one day you might be retaining more water than the last and that tomorrow you might weigh less than today simply because your body composition had changed from the day before and resulted in a slight weight loss.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss



If you weigh yourself daily because you are trying to lose weight, but you are also going to the gym and training there, you will notice that the number on the scale might not move as much as you had hoped it would.


This is because weight loss and fat loss are not the same things. While you are in the gym and training, you will be building muscle, which might cause your weight to stay very similar to what it was before. However, you will have lost weight, and you can judge this by how you feel in your clothes and how your body shape has changed.




Losing weight does not necessarily mean that you are healthier. Losing weight when you are overweight can have significant health benefits, but it must come along with many other factors for it to be truly healthy.


For this reason, you shouldn’t worry if your weight hasn’t dropped the way you want it to or even if you gained a pound or two; as long as your body is healthy and strong, then you can work on your weight another time.




You might know of a little thing called glycogen; it is something that your body uses as a short-term energy source and can usually be found in the body right after eating a big meal or any meal for that matter.


However, you might not know about glycogen because it can swing your weight in either direction rather significantly depending on how much of it you have in your body.. If you have high glycogen levels, you will weigh a little more than usual.




One of the most important things to remember when it comes to weight loss and weighing yourself daily is that the number you see on the scale is not a reflection of your fitness level and should not be measured daily.

You can be a little overweight and still run a marathon because of your fitness levels. You could also be quite slim and not be able to make it up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing because of your fitness levels. The number on the scale is not a reflection of fitness.

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