5 Reasons Your Perfume Does Not Last Long Enough

Some common mistakes you might be making are preventing your perfume from lasting longer than you wish. 

Is there something more frustrating than your favorite perfume fading away as soon as you leave home? Believe me; there’s nothing wrong with your perfume. You might be surprised, there are few tricks to keep your scent last longer on your skin.

Things we’re mainly used to doing, such as rubbing our wrists together or storing them in a too hot or too cold place, contribute to your fave scent fading away as soon as you walk out the door. So, before blaming your perfume or getting angry because you have spent so much money on a small bottle, check these common mistakes first.

You’re Not Applying in The Right Spots

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Heat enhances fragrance, so forget about the idea of spraying your fave fragrance into your hair or chest. Stick with the places that generate the most body heat, such as pulse points on your neck and wrists.

You’re Rubbing Your Wrists Together

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If you do that, just stop. Resist the urge to rub your wrists when spraying your perfume. When you do that, you break the scent which increases the chances to fade away quicker than it should. So, just spray and let it be.

Your Skin Isn’t Moisturized Enough

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Fragrance won’t last long enough on dry or cold skin. When the skin is moisturized or warm, it allows the scent to soak up better on the skin. If you’re using a moisturizer before applying your perfume, just make sure it’s scent-free so it won’t compete with your perfume.

Store Them Properly

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Heat and light degrade some ingredients, so keep your scents in a cool, dark place and avoid colder places or extremely warm such as air conditioning, heating, or sunlight. A common mistake is keeping perfume in the bathroom, where humid air can infiltrate the bottle.

Flower Scents Fade Away Faster

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Citrus and floral scents tend to fade away faster. So, go for woody notes and other scents like vanilla, cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood that have a more substantial staying power.

Written By:
Camila Santiago

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