5 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind On A First Date

So you’re thinking about taking your online romance a step further and maybe go on a date. Here are some safety tips you may want to remember.

So the story is simple. You swiped right; you’ve been talking. Maybe you’ve had a Zoom date or two and played some online games on a Friday night. However, things have progressed, and you’ve found yourself wanting to take the next natural step; the good, old fashion face to face meetup.

However, we live in a world where that may cause some safety concerns. While we can take precautions to protect ourselves from potential dangers, the pertinent conversation is to address the culture and systematic thinking that perpetuates the notion that it’s okay to violate others. Till then, here are some things to keep in mind

Tell Someone Where You’re Going

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Let a trusted friend or family member know that you are going out with the person, and tell them as much detail as you can.

Things like their name, surname, where you’re going, what time you expect to be back, what you’re wearing, you get the picture.

Chanel Your Inner Sleuth

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You’ve probably already done this but if you haven’t, gather as much intel on your date as you can, Google them, find them on social, ask trusted mutuals (if you fave people in common).

It’s not strange at all to gather the necessary intel to have a better idea of who you’re going out with. But again, you probably checked this step right in the beginning, even if it was just for interest’s sake.

Have An ‘Abort Mission’ Plan

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So you’re on the date and things are going a little south. Maybe your date is a snooze fest, a jerk, or worse. Whatever reason you don’t want to be there anymore, ensure a clear exit plan.

If you feel safe enough to let your date know that this isn’t going how you’d like and you want to leave, do that. Alternatively, initiate exit plan B. That friend you told about your date, prior to the meet-up, come up with a word or phrase that makes it clear that you want to leave. Have them call you for an emergency and head out .

Consider Going Home Alone

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Simply for safety reasons, it may be best not to have a person you just met know how to get into your home. Or for you to be in an unfamiliar place where you might find difficulty executing your ‘abort mission’ plan.

If you do choose not to go home alone and have sex with your date, remember to use protection, always keep an eye on your drinks, share your location with a homie and most importantly, you can change your mind at absolutely any point in the date. Abort mission button must stay readily available till the “I’m home safe” message.

Follow Your Intuition

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If the vibe is off, go. If you’re not comfortable, go. You just kinda feeling like going, gather your things and go. Don’t second guess yourself or think twice. Nice people will understand.

While these tips won’t prevent people from being predetory, we hope that being alert may help may the need arise. It shouldn’t be your responsibility but, here we are.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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