5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Day Off

Having a break in your schedule to recharge once in a while is essential for your wellbeing. Unfortunately, studies show that most people still try to sneak in some work on their days off. 

Taking a day off work or enjoying a national holiday always sounds like a dream until you have one. The reality is, one can feel quite restless on their rest days, or they can feel inadequate about letting it go to waste. 

There’s no simple formula on how to have a perfect day off while still feeling productive. However, we do have a list of five activities that will make you feel like you’re making the best of your day off below: 

Embrace Being Lazy

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With burnout and other stress-related diseases and anxiety disorders on the rise, it’s good just to take a break. We are all so caught up with how busy we are or could be that we feel bad for doing nothing. 

On your next day off, try to consciously block off any activities that will keep you busy and rest. Try to meditate when you are feeling anxious about lounging around and remind yourself that you deserve it.

Sit With Your Family For A Meal

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Have a meal with your family without any electronics present. Working from home has blurred the lines between the church and state, and spending time away from work to be with loved ones can reset that. 

Take Care Of Your Errands

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We all have that one task we’ve been putting off because of work, so why not take care of it on the day off? Visit the pharmacy or a bespoke grocery store across town for unique vegan cheese if you need to. 

Whether you decide to do your laundry or pick up some light bulbs, make sure it doesn’t take over your day. Prioritize important tasks and spend the rest of your day relaxing while beaming at your productivity. 

Figure Out Your Finances

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Money has been weighing heavily on everyone, especially since the economic strain from the pandemic. Read an article, listen to a podcast, or watch a video to boost your financial literacy for a portion of your day.

Consider Forgiveness

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A study from 2006 presents forgiveness training as a way to reduce stress-related physical health symptoms. The research suggests that forgiveness reduces anger as a coping style, thus reducing stress. 

Taking some time to forgive those who’ve wronged you can help you recharge before going back to work. The plus side is, you will no longer have a grudge to hold onto and ruin parties for you when that person arrives. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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