5 Ways To Overcome Pandemic Exhaustion

Jun 01, 2021
03:00 A.M.
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Functioning amid a global pandemic has heavily weighed down on our emotional and mental health. Many of us experienced mixed feelings while coming to terms with the “new normal,” including bouts of stress, anxiety, and fatigue.


According to The World Health Organization (WHO), “pandemic fatigue or pandemic exhaustion” is defined as “feeling demotivated about following recommended behaviors to protect ourselves and others from the virus.”

We all have our limitations, but the way COVID-19 jolted our lives has resulted in severe energy drainage and low motivation levels. If you’ve experienced similar symptoms for yourself, here are some easy ways to combat feelings of pandemic exhaustion.

Make Time For Self-Care & Sleep

Photo By Feeh Costa On Unsplash

Photo By Feeh Costa On Unsplash


Prioritizing self-care rituals is one way to make time for yourself. Many of us had little to no time to spare for ourselves pre-pandemic, owing to our busy schedules. However, things changed when we became familiar with the lockdown and quarantine periods.

We discovered a whole new meaning to life with concepts of mindfulness, and healthy eating gaining ground. While many still struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, it’s best to start setting our internal clock for five to eight hours of sleeping time.

Energize Yourself With Healthy Drinks

Photo By Avi Richards On Unsplash

Photo By Avi Richards On Unsplash


Consuming healthy and refreshing beverages on a daily basis can promise an instant energy boost. For people who are not fond of drinking water, resorting to other alternatives like fresh fruit juices can help meet daily hydration levels.

There are a variety of energizing drinks available, and many are even induced with adaptogens, minerals, and vitamins to provide a nutrition boost, improve attention, and maintain a healthy metabolism.

Unwind From A Stressful Routine

Photo By madison lavern On Unsplash

Photo By madison lavern On Unsplash


Breaking from stress and anxiety is easier said than done. But if we keep harboring these negative emotions for too long, they can prove to be detrimental to our physical and mental health.

Try to unwind from your stressful routine by engaging in meditation and other mindful exercises. Take a mini-vacation or a day off from work and indulge in relaxing and fun activities to recharge yourself.

Monitor Your Screen & Social Media Time

Photo By Firmbee.com

Photo By Firmbee.com


Working from home amid the pandemic has also muddled up our work-life balance. Spending endless hours on our laptops, phones, and social media has taken its toll on our health, disrupting our rest and sleep schedules.

When not working, it’s best to have some measures in place to monitor our screen and social media time. Instead of spending hours scrolling and doom scrolling, grabbing a good book or picking up a screen-free activity can be excellent alternatives to feel better.

Get Moving

Photo By Mathilde Langevin On Unsplash

Photo By Mathilde Langevin On Unsplash


All the excessive lounging around the house and remote work schedules have turned us into couch potatoes. More extended sitting periods and staying indoors can adversely affect our physical health, impacting our attention span and motivation.

The best way to energize yourself is by putting together an at-home workout regime. Whether you enjoy yoga, exercise, stretching, calisthenics, or cardio, choose your preferred workout program from the comfort of your home.

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