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5 Ways To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat


June 10, 2021

Having a good hair day is one of the best feelings in the world. However, to keep our hair healthy and sleek, we have to ensure that we don’t style it with heat very often, and it can be difficult to have a good hair day when you don’t style your hair with heat. 

There are many ways that you can style your hair without heat, though. We have already told you how to curl your hair without using heat, but now it is time to show you how to style your hair differently without using heat. 

Here are some excellent ways that you can straighten your hair without using any heat. 


Wet-setting is the process of applying smoothing products such as leave-in conditioner or mousse to your hair after you have towel dried it for a little while and then applying silicone rollers to four sections of hair. 

The process can take several hours, so you should probably do it right before going to bed. If you want to ensure that your hair doesn’t move around too much or get frizzy while you sleep, wrap a silk scarf around your hair. 


Wrapping your hair is the process of wrapping all of your hair around your head so that it dries onto your head. You will then unwrap your hair, and it will be beautifully straight as it was dried in one position. 

To wrap your hair, let your hair dry with cold air until it is almost dry, and then wrap and pin small sections of hair around your head. You can also complete this process at night to ensure you wake up with silky hair. 


Blow drying your hair is one of the fastest and easiest ways to straighten your hair, but many people make the mistake of always blow-drying their hair with their hairdryer set to hot or even medium heat. 

You can achieve the same hairstyle by blow-drying your hair with cold air. It might take a while longer than it would if you were using warm air, but the results will ultimately be the same. 

Essential Oils 

This step needs to be used in conjunction with any of the other tips mentioned in this article, as essential oils on their own will not straighten your hair without heat. They simply aid in keeping your hair sleek. 

Many essential oils have taming properties that will reduce the frizz you might experience if you straighten your hair without heat. You can use argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or macadamia oil. 



One of the best ways to straighten your hair without using heat is to make use of rollers. Rollers will allow your hair to set in a beautifully bouncy and voluminous but still sleek and straightway that will be stunning. 

All you need to do is allow your hair to dry in cold air until it is somewhat dry and then apply rollers to your hair in sections. The bigger the sections, the straighter the hair to decide how many you want to add. Allow the hair to dry completely, remove the rollers, and you’ll have gorgeously straight hair.