5 Ways To Tell If You’re Developing ‘Lockdown Foot’

While we’ve certainly enjoyed our time at home during the lockdown, our bodies, especially our feet, really haven’t enjoyed it much. Now that it’s time to go back to work, you’re probably going through aches and pains from all that rest!

Staying home has been great!  We had a chance to watch TV, catch up with the family, and take a moment to enjoy the environment we’ve created for ourselves in our homes!

Spending time at home led to major lifestyle changes, and now that it’s time to head back out, we can’t just dive into our old routines because our bodies need time to adjust. So how do you know if you’re developing lockdown foot?

1. You aren’t wearing shoes around the house

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Staying at home, you get quite comfortable, and that usually means going barefoot or walking around with slippers. But without the right support, the arch of your foot collapses.

This can make it uncomfortable to walk in the shoes you once wore. But it’s not irreversible; with the right exercises and support, you can get your arch back and feel comfortable in your shoes again!

2. You’re not exercising with shoes

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Obviously, if you’re not leaving the house, you’re going to exercise without shoes. It seems utterly silly to wear shoes in your house, but unless you’re doing yoga, Pilates, or going for a short walk, it will put a strain on your foot, it also puts you at risk for a sprain injury.

3. You’re experiencing aches and pains


When you’ve been without arch support for a long time, it can leave you in pain but not just in your feet! You’ll experience shin splints, back, knee, and heel pain just because your foot is not properly supported.

4. COVID toes


As another symptom of the virus, people have been experiencing swelling and redness in their toes. The swelling of the toes develops within the first month of the virus and may stick around long after you feel better, which can make it quite uncomfortable to wear shoes!

5. You’re wearing uncomfortable shoes

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Pain and discomfort come from an ill-fitting shoe. If your shoe has any bumps that rub against your foot, it can make it uncomfortable to walk. So make sure your shoes fit and support your foot sufficiently!

Fixing the pain and discomfort you feel will take some time. Exercises like yoga and Pilates can help, along with rest, and wearing the right shoe. After recovering your arch, you can go back to wearing all the shoes you bought throughout lockdown!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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