6 Acrylic Nail Hacks To Remember

May 21, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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Women worldwide wear acrylic nails all their lives. From the age that they are allowed to start applying them until the day they die, they make sure that their nails are always neatly manicured.


Even if you don’t have money to buy yourself a bus ticket, you will most likely find a way to make sure that your nails are done. It is simply a necessity in women’s lives, and they will do everything they can to ensure they have their acrylics.

However, they can be challenging to work with, and luckily we have compiled this list of hacks to help you out.

Use Your Keys




You know the struggle of trying to open a can with your acrylics on. It is like a mission impossible to get a raise. However, there is a quick and easy trick that will allow you to easily open cans without breaking your nails.

Simply keep a set of keys nearby you at all times. When you need to open a can, simply slip the key under the lid of the can and pull it toward yourself. Voila! Your can is open, and you still have all ten nails.

Use Your Tweezers




If you’re a lady that wears false lashes often but also has long claws, you probably know the struggle of trying to accurately place your lashes without poking an eye out. It’s much easier than you think.

All you need to do is grab a pair of tweezers and use those to pick your lashes up and place them on your eyelid. Doing this will allow you to place your lashes correctly and see what you’re doing without your nails on your face.

Use The Sides of Your Fingers




The longer you wear acrylics, the more you will realize that the sides of your fingers are now your best friends, and you use them to complete almost every daily task that you have.

One of the things that you will need to learn pretty quickly is that you have to use the sides of your fingers to type messages on your phone while using the tips of your acrylics to type on your laptop or PC.

Don’t Use Your Nails



The golden rule with acrylic nails is that your nails are jewels, not tools. It can be tempting to use your acrylics for all kinds of jobs, but it is much safer both for your nail bed and your acrylics that you don’t.


There are many other ways to complete tasks without using your acrylics to do it. Try everything and anything else before you resort to using your acrylics. You could break your acrylics and, worse, damage your nail bed.

Watch Out For Clothes



When wearing acrylics, I noticed that my clothes had many tiny holes. At first, I thought it might be fishmoths until I saw the tip of my acrylic nail peeping out of the sleeve of my sweater one day.

Be careful of your clothing when wearing acrylic nails. They are sharp, and they are strong. They can rip through most flimsy fabrics and every pair of stockings you own. Ensure that you are always careful when dressing and undressing.

Ask For Help



Putting on jewelry can be the biggest struggle of all time if you have acrylic nails on. Whose idea was it to make those clasps so tiny?! There is almost no way to get your jewelry on your own if you have acrylics on.

Simply ask for help, even if it’s from a stranger. The women’s bathroom in a public place is the best place to ask for the help of this nature because everybody has either gone through something similar or knows someone else that has.

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