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6 Really Strange Rules The Royal Family Have To Follow


June 03, 2021

Being a member of the royal family may seem like a walk in the park, but it is so much more than that. There are several rules and regulations to follow beyond the glamourous gowns and balls. 

British royals enjoy perks like being waited on from head to toe and rubbing shoulders with the world’s most famous. However, these perks do not come without responsibilities, as the royals have many. 

Royal family members have to be aware of everything they do because there are many rules to follow. From the food they eat to the way they stand, read more to uncover six strange rules the royals must abide by. 

Tiara Picking

One of the more glamorous things about being a royal is being able to wear precious jewels. Unfortunately, you do not get to pick which tiara to wear as a royal at your wedding because the Queen decides. 

Stand Up

If you have watched ‘The Crown,’ you may have noticed that everyone stands up when the Queen stands. It is the royal protocol for everyone to stand up when Queen Elizabeth enters a room or stands up in a room. 

It is also essential to curtsey or bow when they first greet the Queen and when she dismisses them from a room. Women do a curtsy while men do ahead bow as a sign of respect to the reigning royal.

New Name

Members of the royal family must follow many rules before getting married, including asking for permission. One of the more unusual rules they follow includes getting a change of name once married. 


Public display of affection is frowned upon among the royal family, especially while traveling. This means that even married royal couples must avoid holding hands while in the public eye, primarily abroad.

Stop Eating 

The royal family members must watch the Queen’s plate very carefully to follow this strange rule. None of them are allowed to carry on eating after the Queen has taken her last bite, even when just dining as a family. 

Another interesting dinnertime rule is the formulation of the Queen’s supper time conversations. At dinner parties, Queen Elizabeth starts speaking to the person on her right and switches to guests on her left during the second course.


Games Night Limitations

Even the royal family spends time bonding over board games, but there is one that they aren’t allowed to play. Monopoly is the forbidden board game among the royals, but we are sure that someone’s broken it at least once.