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6 Simple Workout Tweaks To Improve Stamina


March 31, 2021

Whether you’re a regular runner, swimmer, or have a normal fitness routine, sometimes you do find yourself out of breath after climbing up the stairs or feel completely tired after your workout? Well, you might need to improve your stamina.

Fitness experts say that endurance and stamina are the keys to resist and remain active for more extended periods, especially during high-intensity workouts.

Stamina can also be described as the body’s ability to perform any activity for sustained periods. Cardiorespiratory and muscular stamina will benefit you in finishing a race or a challenging workout and in your everyday life. Here are seven ways to boost your stamina.

Add Cardio Bursts to Your Workout

Yes, you’re actually allowed to mix up some cardio bursts into your strength work out too. It keeps the heart pumping while adding a bit of endurance to your routine.

Try adding any short cardio burst you feel like jumping jacks, jump lunges, mountain climbers, burpees, or anything that spikes heart rate.

Music Will Spice Things Up

Is there a best way to encourage yourself to keep moving and cross the finish line? It’s already proved by science that high-energy music can make your workout more effective. 

And that can help with your stamina too. Studies have shown that those treadmill runners who boosted their playlist ran faster than those who haven’t. 

Consistency Is Everything

Whatever is your routine, whether you’re doing Pilates to build core strength or high-intensity training three times a week, just stick to your routine and don’t skip your workouts.

Experts say that the most effective way to build stamina is by doing a 30-minute low-intensity long-duration workout like cycling or swimming.

Increase Your Time Or Repetition

The right way to build stamina is by combining strength, endurance, and speed. The perfect way to do that is to add an extra challenge to your current routine.

For instance, if you’re used to running 30 minutes at a certain pace, add a minute or two more. If you’re about to finish a round of repetition, add just one more.

Play Sports

Getting yourself out of your comfort zone is a great way to add some extra skills, thus building some stamina and fitness.


Swapping your regular activity to a sports game once a week will help you to improve and work some muscle groups you aren’t used to.

Don't Forget To Rest

Stretching and resting are actually what make us improve our fitness and build muscle — it doesn't happen when we’re working out.

Don’t forget to schedule recovery days into your workout routine. Resting is crucial for muscle recovery and repair, thus getting the results you want.