7 Natural Ways To Maintain Healthy Youthful-Looking Skin

Sleep well. Eat healthily. Don’t smoke. We seem to know all of these typical ways on how to maintain healthy and youthful-looking skin. But these are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Regarding our overall health and wellbeing, there’s a list of basics to be followed. The same goes for the health of our skin. Glowing skin is the ultimate skincare goal for virtually every woman. But how can we get there? And ultimately, how can we maintain radiant skin, regardless of our age?

Thanks to Mother Nature, there are easy and natural ways to do so — that goes beyond using sunscreen and munching on fruits. We’ve rounded up seven ways for you to maintain youthful-looking skin. 

Use Clean and Mineral-based SPF

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Using daily sunscreen is like a mantra — we know that by heart. But according to dermatologists, the more natural, clean, and with the least amount of chemicals, the better.

Mineral sunscreen works as a barrier against UVA and UVB rays, which are the primary cause of skin aging’s texture change.

Supplement Collagen

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Our body produces abundant amounts of collagen but with age, our natural reserves deplete. Collagen is an essential element to keep the skin looking healthy and young as it works on cellular renewal processes.

Supporting the body with the right amount of collagen helps to promote not only healthier skin but also hair and nails.


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This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s always worth emphasizing the importance of staying active to our overall health and skin as well.

Exercises increase the blood flow in the body and brings more oxygen, minerals, and nutrients to keep the skin brighter and glowing.

Drink Water

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Stay hydrated, my friend! Water is the most natural resource that brings so many benefits to our health, leading to brighter and healthier skin.

Two liters of water to young adults does its job but we’re all different, so you should listen to your body and drink more than that, if necessary.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods

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Foods high in sugar, fat, salt, and poor in nutrients are irritating to the skin, causing inflammation, rashes, and breakouts.

Processed, packaged foods and dairy should be avoided. Replace them with vegetables, healthy fats, and fruits that are skin-friendly.

Sleep Well

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Nothing can be more restful to our body — also to our skin — than a good night of sleep. Poor sleep quality has been linked to signs of skin aging. 

It’s during sleep that our body regenerates itself — lack of sleep can make us sick, stressed and imbalanced. 

Use Natural Skin Care Products

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Many skincare products and even makeup products are loaded with harmful chemicals — these chemicals can speed up the aging process.

Give preference to natural and organic skincare products as they’re mostly made from plants, natural resources, and ingredients.

Written By:
Camila Santiago

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