7 Professional Hair Stylists To Watch On Youtube

Feb 15, 2021
07:29 A.M.
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Youtube is one of the most versatile platforms on the internet today. The beauty category features beauty professionals and influencers who range from makeup artists to hairstylists.


You can get tips and help for almost anything on youtube these days. Whether you want to know what screwdriver to use for fixing a car light or what brush to use to blend highlighter, Youtube has the answers.

Hair professionals are some of the most successful creators on Youtube and offer all sorts of content. Take some time to go through the seven professional hairstylists we think you should watch on Youtube.

Guy Tang

You may have caught a glimpse of Guy in ‘Bling Empire,’ but you should see his real talents on Youtube.


Brad Mondo

If you’re experimental but want to see what you shouldn’t do to your hair, consult with Brad’s reaction videos first.

Elle Bangs


Elle’s hairdressing tips are great for all of your at-home hair care and styling needs.

Manes By Mell

Curly-haired girls have one of the best advisors on Youtube with Mell’s mane maintenance tips and tricks.

Free Salon Education


It’s like beauty school, but on Youtube. Please note that you won’t get qualified by watching these videos.

Kerna Professional

Finally, learn how to use all of your professional hair tools correctly with videos from expert hairstylists.


Short-haired shorties and plenty of men can learn a lot from this barber-centric hair channel.