7 Sustainable Fashion Influencers To Follow For Style Inspiration

May 30, 2021
02:00 P.M.
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In a sea of influencers promoting fast-fashion and non-sustainable items, we found inspiration in these seven eco-conscious fashion influencers who are doing the opposite.


These girls embraced a conscious lifestyle and are here to prove that fashion can be sustainable. Those searching for inspiration and who would like to make ethical purchasing decisions next time they go shopping, then these influencers are a must-follow.

From DIY videos to tutorials on how to upcycle old clothes to educate and spread messages about the predatory fashion industry, these accounts lead the way regarding sustainable fashion.

Kim Seidensticker


Kim isn't afraid to ignore fashion trends and still be fashionable in an ethical way. She talks about a range of sustainable topics, from clean beauty to eco-conscious style, where she mixes sustainable brands and vintage items that are inspiring.

Conscious N Chic


Kathleen Elie runs Conscious N Chic and dedicates both Instagram accounts to talk about important yet often forgotten causes such as labor trafficking and women's issues. While shedding light on these important matters, Kat will let you be inspired by her colorful and gorgeous outfits.

Niha Elety


Niha is Indian but has lived half of her life in the US, and she shares with her followers that you don't need to sacrifice your style to be sustainable. In fact, you can do it authentically and create your unique style. That's exactly what she does on her account.



"Speaker on all things style, sustainability & social justice," describes Aditi Mayer's Instagram bio. Follow Aditi, and you'll see a colorful and well-curated Instagram feed with stunning photos of her eco-friendly looks and in nature.

Aja Barber


Here's a woman who stands up for many causes, and you should definitely be following. Aja Barber deconstructs many concepts on how your body and style should look like and touches on important causes like how fast fashion ruins black designers, undermines laborers' rights and shows her support for small businesses.

Kissen Und Karma


Corinna's casual and minimalistic looks, often exploring hues in pastel, are cozy and cute. She combines style with sustainability, perfect for those looking for casual and fashionable looks. Corinna educates her followers in many ways on how to make conscious decisions regarding clothes.

The Constant Closet

Brianna creates "unfussy outfits" that look so cozy that you could probably find a few similar items on your wardrobe but didn't know how to combine them. That's her purpose — inspire you to combine old garments lying around in your wardrobe and give them a new life.