8 Health Benefits Of Taking A Vacation At The Beach

We’re all looking for any reason to escape to the seaside at any chance we get. It’s relaxing and peaceful to be near the beach, and it’s a feeling that we all enjoy and seek out from time to time.

While we try and find any excuse to book time off to go to the seaside (like it being summertime or you having had a rough couple of months at work), you might actually be able to claim that you need to go to the beach for your health and wellbeing. 

There are some incredible health benefits to being at the seaside that we’re going to discuss in this article. 

Vitamin D 


This is perhaps the most obvious benefit to being near the beach. When you’re near the beach, you tend to go outside in the sunlight more often, which naturally leads to your getting more vitamin D

It is still important to remember to wear your sunscreen because sunburn can lead to cancer. You will still be able to absorb vitamin D even if you have sunscreen on. The best part about sunshine is that it’s been proven to help treat depression. 



We all want beautifully soft skin, and we will go to any lengths to try and achieve that, but all you need to do is go to the beach and use what’s right in front of you to get baby soft skin again.

Sand can be used as a natural exfoliant. However, you should not use sand near your face as it is abrasive. You can use sand to exfoliate your body and feet; the best part about it is that it’s free!

Arthritis Relief


While getting enough vitamin D at the beach can reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, there is another sea element that can help reduce those symptoms; seawater minerals. 

Swimming in the ocean or using bath salts containing dead sea minerals has been found to ease rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and assist in gripping things once again. 

Stress Relief 


Going to the beach is an excellent stress reliever. There is a certain placebo effect associated with being at the beach because we have been taught that a beach is a relaxing place, so we naturally believe it to be so. 

However, there is some science behind it. The color blue inspires feelings of calm and serenity in humans, and swimming in the sea encourages a meditative state because of the waves rolling and the changes in our breathing patterns. 

Negative Ions


While this may sound like something you don’t want, negative ions actually positively affect humans, when we are at the beach, we will absorb the negative ions that the ocean discards. 

These negative ions help to lift our mood and leave us feeling generally healthier. You can find negative ions in most of nature, but they are most abundant at the beach. 

Healthier Skin


Seawater can lead to healthier and more elastic skin. This means that a regular dip in the ocean will leave your skin feeling and looking younger (provided you make sure to wear your SPF). 

You mustn’t spend too much time in the sea as this can dehydrate the skin. Spending too much time in any kind of water will lead to the skin becoming dehydrated. Make sure to keep your swims short and moisturize your skin regularly. 



When we’re on a seaside vacation, we all know that we tend to walk a lot more than we would if we were at home. Walking along the beach or the little restaurant up the road for lunch is standard practice on a beach holiday. 

In this way, being at the beach promotes more regular exercise. We also exercise more at the beach, simply swimming in the ocean. Being near the beach is sure to make you exercise more. 

Noise Cancelling 


The feeling of lying on the sand under the umbrella at the beach and listening to the waves is easily one of the world’s best feelings. There is an excellent reason why we find this practice so relaxing. 

Listening to the sound of the waves rolling in and out of the shore is an excellent way to destress because it puts you in a meditative state and cancels out any other noise that you might hear.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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