8 Stretches To Relieve Backache

Jul 06, 2021
03:00 A.M.
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Okay, here’s the thing; I’m still fairly young, but most mornings, I wake up with the worst back pain, and I feel like an eighty-two-year-old woman. I suppose it could be because my posture is terrible, and I sit at a desk all day in an old lawn chair, but the fact remains that I’m in pain a lot.


That got me thinking that there’s probably a lot of people who spend their time trying to tend to their back pain because it is simply so painful that you can’t ignore it and hope that it goes away. Many of us have been working from home for some time and do not have the right equipment to do so.

So I decided that I would compile a list of stretches that you can do that might help to alleviate some of your back pain.

Knee To Chest




The knee to chest stretch is a fairly simple one that does not take too much effort or experience to complete. It will give you a deep stretch in your lower back and allow you to feel as though some of the tightness is easing up.

All you need to do for this stretch is lay on your back and then bring your knee up to your chest and hold it there for 15-30 seconds. You will then do the exact same with the other leg, making sure that one leg is on your chest and the other is flat on the floor.

Kneeling Lunge




The kneeling lunge might feel odd at first and might take some getting used to because your balance can be thrown off quite easily with this stretch, but once you’ve got it, you will be able to stretch your back perfectly.

Start with both of your knees on the ground and then bring one knee up and place your foot flat on the ground. Then place your hands on top of your thigh and gently lean into the leg that you have lifted, so you give yourself a slight lunge.

Back Flexion




This stretch can feel extremely uncomfortable to start with and might take some serious getting used to before you can do it without even thinking about it, but it will stretch your back perfectly.

Start by laying on your back and bringing both knees into your chest. Wrap your arms around your legs, and then bring your head forward to meet your knees. You will feel an uncomfortable stretch down your middle and low back, which will provide a lot of relief.

Piriformis Muscle




The piriformis muscle stretch is one of the most popular stretches you will encounter when trying to stretch out your lower back. You may even have done this stretch without knowing its name.

All you need to is lay on your back with both feet on the floor and then bring one leg up and rest your foot on the opposite knee. You can then either push the knee forwards or backward to get a more intense stretch.

Child’s Pose




Yoga is made up of many excellent poses that help cure many ailments without you even realizing that it is happening. Child’s pose is one of those that will help you to stretch out your lower back.

To do a child’s pose, sit on your haunches and then bring your butt down to the heels of your feet. Make sure that your knees are spread apart, and then lean forward with your hands out above your head and bring your forehead to the floor. The wider your knees are, the deeper the stretch.

Spinal Twist




Clicking your back on high school desk chairs was one of the best feelings in the world, but it probably wasn’t very good for your back. However, the pose that you used while doing it was beneficial for you.

Sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, put your right hand over your left leg and try and reach around to your back. This will give you a deep stretch along the length of your back. Swap over and do the other side after 15-30 seconds.



The cat-cow pose has been used for centuries in yoga and one of the easiest ways to release back pain that takes minimal effort and absolutely no experience in yoga or any other type of stretching.

All you need to do is go down on your hands and knees and then arch your back before bringing it down and lifting your head and butt to the ceiling to create a bowl shape with your back. Repeat this 15-20 times, holding each pose for 5 seconds.





The sphinx pose is probably the pose that you should use to finish off the stretches because it is one of the easiest and will probably feel the most relaxing after all of the others you have done.

Simply lay flat on your stomach and then bring your hands and chest up so that your arms are straight and your palms are flat on the floor. You will then arch your back to make a similar shape to the cat-cow pose and hold it for 15-30 seconds.

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