9 Witty Feminist Podcasts Worth Listening To

Jun 07, 2021
04:00 A.M.
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Podcasts are some of the best spaces to engage in a thoughtful dialogue about subjects that interest you. Whether you’re looking for content on politics, gender, or religion, podcasts have your back.


Feminism is a lifestyle for many women and men, and most agree that they love feminism-related content. There are many ways to support gender equality, and getting clued up by listening to a podcast counts.

Feminist podcasts do a fantastic job at raising awareness, opening up conversations, and challenging society. Take a look at ten witty feminist podcasts that are worth listening to when you need some stimulation.

Encyclopedia Womannica


Learn more about some fantastic feminist heroes with the mini-biographies shared by Encyclopedia Womannica. The podcast shares a usually seven-minute biography of an extraordinary woman every day.

Our Body Politic

Farai Chideya lends her journalistic wits to create a podcast that covers issues that affect women of color. The U.S. woman of color perspective is presented in a brilliant light, and listeners can look forward to awesome guests.


Lolita Podcast

Jamie Loftus unpacks Vladimir Nabokov’s literary work that’s inspired decades of child rape fascination. This podcast explores the novel for what it is and explores the legacy of such a novel with careful consideration.

The Professional Home Girl Podcast


Podcast host Eboné is on a mission to show the full range of women of color through her interviews. Eboné interviews different women in each episode to get a peek into their fascinating lives.

What I Wore When

Glamour Magazine’s Perrie Samotin interviews celebrities about outfits they wore on life-changing days. Not only do you get insight on what stars wore on significant days, but you get some gossip in the episodes too.


Side Hustle Pro

Having a side hustle can be challenging at times, so you need all the motivation you can get. Nicaila Matthews Okome breaks down how black women turned their side hustles into businesses in this motivating podcast.

Friends Like Us


Podcast host and comedian Marina Franklin sits with a group dominated by women of color each week. In these groups, Marina opens up discussions that range from political debates to heart-to-heart conversations.

She’s All Fat

There is no topic that the women at ‘She’s All Fat’ will leave out of their podcast episodes. Whether you want an analysis of the ‘fat friend’ trope or a guide on nailing a new style aesthetic as a fat woman, this podcast has you sorted.


Hey, Girl

Host Alex Elle sits down with a different woman in the creative industry each week in this podcast. The conversations are usually intimate, thoughtful, and perfect to listen to on a self-care day or night.