A Beginner’s Guide To Going Vegan

If you’re contemplating switching over to a vegan diet, you might be worried about how difficult it will be to stick to a purely plant-based diet. There are tricks to keep you on track and leaving your omnivorous ways in the past.

Whether it’s for health reasons or personal ones, many people opt for a healthier and meat-free diet. There are plenty of benefits to going meat-free, making it a health-wise diet because it lowers your risk for developing diabetes or heart disease!

People have been going meat-free for religious reasons for centuries, and today it’s in the form of protest for the humane treatment of animals. What are the numerous benefits this diet holds?

1. Environment


Animals and by-products of animals have a large carbon footprint; considering that the animals are raised for mass consumption, they’re also farmed on a larger scale. Farming cows use a significant amount of water supply, and their CO2 emissions are pretty high.

Many alternatives exist as a replacement for animal by-products, especially alternatives to milk and meat. Plant-based alternatives like legumes and whole grains have a significantly lower carbon footprint; even if the production of almond milk uses more water, it’s significantly less than a cow!

2. Plant-based alternatives


There are varieties of alternatives that are healthier than synthetic substitutes of meat products. These can be found fresh or even bought from a local producer. Store-bought alternatives contain high amounts of sodium which is bad for your heart!

You can use alternatives like Portobello mushrooms to make burger patties because their texture and umami taste is meat-like. Tofu is an acquired taste and works as an excellent alternative for scrambled eggs or parmesan cheese!

3. Weight loss


Going plant-based means the number of calories is significantly lower. However, this could also lead to a nutrition deficiency, so make sure you’re eating a broad spectrum of veggies and fruit that can provide you with the nutrients you need!

4. Health benefits


A vegan diet is great for your heart health because consuming vegetables and fruits increases your body’s antioxidants. These antioxidants can lower your cholesterol levels and improve your heart health, as well as help you manage your diabetes.

High amounts of fiber in your diet can keep your energy levels stable throughout the day, and they’re also related to lowering your risk of developing cancer. The more veggies you consume can balance the microbes in your gut!


With benefits like a healthy heart and gut, it could lead to longevity! While this form of diet has its benefits, you should consult with a dietician about any nutrient deficiencies you might face.

 You might be encouraged to quit meat based on the carbon footprint alone, or maybe you’ve been swayed by the weight loss. Whatever your cause, these benefits could be your mantra keeping you on track with your decision to quit meat!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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