A Beginner’s Guide To Manifestation

May 08, 2021
09:00 A.M.
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Time and again, we’re told to keep a positive outlook towards life and believe in the possibility of miracles. But is it really that simple? While the law of attraction and visualization are ancient concepts, we are yet to fully comprehend their true nature.


For centuries, the world’s oldest religions and philosophies emphasized being in touch with our inner selves. Powerful techniques like meditation, crystal healing, astrology, and the like gained popularity, with people ready to trade away anything to find some semblance of normalcy and near-perfection in their lives.

While it’s debatable whether such principles really work, the success stories of the law of attraction, manifestation, and creative visualization have shown ground-breaking results. To find out more about the power of manifestation and how you can practice it for yourself, take a look at this beginner’s guide to help you on your journey.

What Is Manifestation?


In simple words, manifestation is making the intention for something to happen with all of your heart and soul and then seeing it become a reality. It centers around the idea that wherever our focus goes, that is where the energy will flow.

The Secret and the law of attraction revolve around three main principles: ask, believe, and receive. However, if you want to manifest something, simply wishing for it can only get you so far, which means you will have to put in efforts directed towards your goal to make it possible.

How To Manifest?


Understanding manifestation, in theory, is far simpler, but the most challenging part is learning how to practice it to see results. Another misconception attached to visualizing your dreams is expecting overnight results, which is a wrong notion and should be avoided.

Your desires can and will come true over time, provided you choose to focus on the positive and tune out all negativity. Like attracts like, so being careful with the direction your thoughts and feelings are taking is extremely important.

Identify What You Want


The first and foremost step to getting what you want is “knowing what you truly want.” If you’ve never tried manifesting before, it’s best to take baby steps and start with one small desire first, and gradually you can ask for bigger ones once you start seeing progress.

Be Specific & Write Down What You Want


One way to stay focused on your desire is by writing it down somewhere, ideally on a piece of paper in your own handwriting. Keep visiting it time and again, and direct all of your energy on the outcome without worrying about how things will happen.

The universe will gladly handle the “how” part for you. Another critical thing to remember is being absolutely specific about your goals. For instance, if you want your dream job, be very clear about where you want to work, what role will best suit you, your salary expectations, and so on.

Tune Out Limiting Beliefs


Negativity breeds more negativity and limiting beliefs like anxiety, anger, and doubt can ruin your train of thoughts, deterring you from reaching your final destination. Whenever you feel pessimistic about your goal, simply turn that negative thought to positive, and try to see the silver lining in the cloud.

Work Towards Achieving Your Goals


Once you’ve shifted your mind and heart in the right direction, start taking action to fulfill your desire. Let the universe guide you on your particular path, but keep working consistently and never give up.

Trust The Universe & Offer Gratitude


One major part of manifestation that people struggle with is maintaining a positive attitude during the entire process. Trusting the universe basically means knowing in your heart that your desire is already a part of your reality, and every minute, you’re getting closer to it.

Being grateful for how far you’ve come can help you stay on the right track and steer clear of negative feelings. You will be able to attract abundance in your life by offering gratitude to the universe and having faith in its timing.