A Complete Guide To The Super Strawberry Full Moon’s Impact On Each Star Sign

Jun 22, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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The Cancer season has finally begun, and it is all set to bring a full moon our way. Moreover, this will be the final supermoon of 2021 and will be visible in the sky on Thursday, June 24.


Shortly after the summer solstice, which marked the longest day of the year, we’re now expecting a full moon in Capricorn. This supermoon is known as the “strawberry moon,” as it coincides with the berry ripening season.

Much like other cosmic events, full moons present the opportunity to recharge and manifest our goals. In addition, June’s strawberry moon in Capricorn amid the Cancer season will enable us to connect our emotions and passions. Keep reading to explore what this full moon has in store for your star sign.



Aries, it’s time for you to let go of grudges and productively use your energy. In the coming days, you’ll feel more prepared to get in touch with your inner self. Your achieving side will also be strong, enabling you to make a giant career leap.


The time has come for you to break free from your limiting beliefs. You are capable, courageous, and strong enough to achieve anything you want. So let go of despair, and get ready to turn a new leaf over!



Gemini now is the time to sit down and engage in self-reflection. You are full of energy, and your vibration is high, so use this strawberry moon for personal progress. It will help you immensely in the coming months.



Dear Cancer, this is your time to shine and conquer all heights. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try to get in touch with your inner self and start planning. For the folks who are exuberating confidence, keep your spirits high, and don’t back down!


Leo, you might be feeling moody and confused, but this won’t last forever. June’s strawberry moon will present you with an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Better yet, you might end up accomplishing a personal goal. However, make sure you spare some time to acknowledge your achievements.



Virgo, your perfectionist side might be put to the test this month. Regardless, you will emerge stronger from the other side. The critical aspect to remember is that you need to stay patient and keep working on your goals. Everything will work out in due time.



Libra, you might be feeling exhausted from striking a work-life balance. As much as it helps to focus on work, even the best of us need a breather. You can use this strawberry moon to recharge and declutter your life to gain a clear perspective.


Scorpio, you might be struggling in the communication department or getting your feelings across. However, there’s no need to get frustrated if nobody understands you at this point. During the strawberry moon, connect with yourself and fathom your emotions.



Sagittarius, you’re feeling more confident now than ever, so use it wisely. This full moon, work on decluttering your home, heart, and mind, and see how it plays out. In addition, you can also plan and explore new horizons.


Behold your emotional side, Capricorn, because this strawberry moon falls in your star sign. Instead of dealing with things yourself, you can confide in others to share your burden. Believe us; a little collaboration sometimes can be a welcome change.


Aren’t you quite the curious type, Aquarius? No wonder June’s strawberry moon will heighten your creativity and intuition but tread with caution. Instead of over-analyzing and getting caught up in details, master the art of taking control.



You’re sometimes too friendly and kind to be true, so ensure you’re not being taken for granted. Instead of being a loner or solely leaning on others, try balancing your relationships to feel at peace.