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A Comprehensive Guide Into The Power Of 'Healing' Stones


June 11, 2021

Do stones have superpowers? Are they capable of alleviating our daily ailments or even of curing diseases? Between scientific research, holistic disciplines, and delusions of the illuminated, what are the real benefits of lithotherapy and the mineral world in our lives?

Many are the followers of lithotherapy, a discipline that attributes virtues to stones capable of relieving certain emotional disorders. Does it really work?

For some, the stones would be only vulgar inert pebbles, and lithotherapy a colossal joke. For others, the power of the stones would exceed even that of traditional medicine and would make it possible to cure severe and fatal diseases.

What Is Lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is one of the methods of relaxation based on faith in the energizing and healing power of precious and semi-precious stones. It is included in the practice of alternative medicine and, as such, is not recognized as a full-fledged science.

Lithotherapy is a method based on a holistic approach to the human body. The treatments aim not to treat specific diseases but strengthen the system and increase its potential for self-regeneration.

How Does It Work In Practice

Each of us knows people whose presence has a positive effect on our mood or peace. Each of us has a favorite cosmetic that makes us feel better or our favorite comfy jeans. Minerals work in precisely the same way, improve mood, support in everyday situations, help to release positive energy in us.

Depending on the stone's energy and vibration, it can heal the body, mind, and soul. Some stones replenish energy when we feel it is lacking, and some stones work the opposite way, taking in excess energy and calming down.

How To Use The Power Of Stones Every Day

The easiest way is to wear jewelry made of minerals (it should touch your body directly). You can also apply them to places of discomfort and pain, for example, when performing a gentle massage with loose stones or a massager.

Tinctures in which crystals are one of the ingredients are also becoming more and more popular. You can also use natural stones for meditation. It is worth placing them not only on specific parts of the body or energy points but also at home, in the workplace, or in places that we believe require healing.

How Do You Choose The Right Stone For You?

That is the question! We recommend it intuitively. Our body speaks to us all the time, and we should listen to it completely. Often, for seemingly no apparent reasons, we are drawn to a specific stone. However, after getting acquainted with its properties, it turns out that it was not as unobvious as it might seem.

Sometimes you have a specific need and a desire to buy a particular stone, and you come out with a completely different mineral! If you feel that you are drawn to a given stone, there is nothing to think about, feel free to invite it to your everyday life.


How To Benefit From The Properties Of Stones

How can stones improve your quality of life? It takes a minimum of openness to indulge in lithotherapy because it is evident that if someone thinks that the crystals are vulgar inert pebbles, not much will happen.

Either way, scientifically speaking, this is also wrong. A lot of things happen inside a crystal. We must approach the stone as a whole, its scientific, chemical side, composition, holistic side, what it has in it, and can transmit; it must be seen as a whole.