A Comprehensive Guide On Smudging Your Home

Mar 30, 2021
06:00 A.M.
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Our home happens to be an extension of our mind and body. When we give to our home, we also offer to ourselves. This is why we need our space to have positive energy consistently; else, we will always want to flee to find a place with positive vibes.


One sure way to bring in positive energy is by smudging. Now, this does not mean smearing paint smudges on the wall. It is a way of burning plants whose smoke ends up purifying the environment.

When you walk into a house, and it gives you an uncomfortable feeling that you cannot quite explain, it is a sign that you need to clear and transform negative energy into high energetic frequencies.

How To Smudge Your House

Photo by Karly Jones on Unsplash

Photo by Karly Jones on Unsplash


To start with smudging, you need first to clean out your space. Be sure you have swept, dusted, mopped, and kept every single area sparkling clean. You cannot drive out negative energies if your environment is still dirty. Be sure also to leave the windows open when doing this.

After a cleaning practice, space should feel renewed and full of life. But when clogged with old or negative energy, your area can give off an unwanted sensation. Don't let your home's vibrant energy be dull by not keeping it regularly cleaned and balanced.

Plants To Smudge Your Space With


The so-called purifying herbs allow you to repel negative energies and protect your home. The most popular plant people use is the sage. It is used to counter bad intentions and protect oneself from danger.

Lavender is also used, and it aids in purifying the house, and it also attracts powerful positive vibratory energies. Cedar is the ideal purifier used before a prayer ceremony. The eucalyptus makes it possible to purify a room or the whole house of negative psychic energies and is best used after an argument.

How To Proceed With The Purification Ritual


You will need a purification stick (usually the plant bundled and tied together), matches, and a bowl to collect the ashes. Start by opening your windows, then place your herbs in a bowl and light them. Blow on the flame so that you can consume the herbs.

Iconically, wash your hands with the smoke and let its benefits penetrate your ears, heart, and brain. You can ideally do the purification ritual before and after a guest has visited your home. Also, cleanse your home before practicing yoga, after an argument, after recovering from an illness.