A Comprehensive Guide to Brewing Coffee Like A Pro

There’s nothing better than enjoying a great cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home- especially when it’s made with your own hands. Somehow, it also just never seems to taste the same when someone else tries to make it for you.

However, freshly brewed coffee purchased from a cafe always stands out. The coffee flavor is always a notch higher and is visually appealing due to the foam designs. Consequently, your ordinary cup of coffee doesn’t quite match up.

If you’re missing that flavor but can’t head to your favorite cafe, don’t worry, we got you covered. A great cup of joe lies in the details and is also super easy to make. So, take notes and learn how to brew coffee like a pro in no time using this comprehensive guide. 

Choosing Good Coffee Beans

There is no easy way out when it comes to a great cup of coffee (we’re sorry, instant coffee). Remember, any good coffee constitutes great coffee beans so invest in some. If you’re also a slow drinker, this will come in handy since beans stay fresher for longer.

Having coffee beans is great for helping you customize the grind to the coffee you are making. Take advantage and purchase from stores that have nationwide shipping. You can select Ethiopian, Colombian, or even get a coffee bean subscription.

Utilize A Grinder

The next step is to grind those babies. However, you can’t use any grinder for your beans, so make sure to get a good quality one. Trust us when we say it will make the world of a difference and is essential to making good coffee in the house.

The way you grind your beans will affect the flavor. If you grind the beans too fine, the coffee will be tasteless and if they are coarse, the flavor from the coffee will be extracted. Also, ensure to purchase a consistent grinder giving you a hot tasty cup of coffee every time. 

Use A Scale


It’s not always necessary, but why not go the whole way. A scale comes in handy when trying to achieve the perfect ratios for your coffee. By being accurate with your recipe, you’ll soon find your scale being an essential part in creating that deliciously brewed cup.

From measuring your water and coffee, you’ll soon be enjoying consistent brews time and time again. Long gone will be the days of wondering what went wrong when your coffee doesn’t taste the same. Be extra and get one with a timer to keep track of every second. 

Get A Kettle 


Additionally, you will need a kettle, but not just any kettle. Get one with a long spout to control the flow of water, It’s not always the case when you intend to pour just a drop but end up splashing all the water on your filter paper. 

Also, these types of kettles will look good in your kitchen too giving it an instant upgrade. However, when purchasing the kettle, there’s no need to break the bank as the inexpensive ones will also do the same thing.

A Hot And Cold Milk Frother


Not everyone enjoys their coffee black. If you love your coffee with milk, especially your cappuccinos you will need this. After all, a cappuccino is not a cappuccino without the final touch of the foam. 

If you have a coffee machine, that’s great since it might have an option of frothing milk. Alternatively, you can get the stand-alone equipment instead which will also do the job. Also, use this opportunity to try your hand in foam art and become the next best barista in town.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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