A Comprehensive Guide To Buccal Facial Massage

Mar 24, 2021
02:00 P.M.
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Women will do anything to make sure that they age gracefully and beautifully. Many beauty treatments can be done at a skincare clinic, but there are also many that we can do at home.


DIY skincare is not always the best idea, but in the case of massage, it is an easy way to take care of your skin without having harsh products being applied to your skin. The buccal facial massage is one of these massages.

This is a guide into how to perform a buccal facial massage to keep your skin glowing.

What Is A Buccal Massage


The buccal massage is an unconventional facial massage in that you perform the massage by massaging the inside of your mouth. The buccal area, which is your inner cheek area, can be massaged to ensure that the inside and the outside of the cheek are being massaged simultaneously.

The massage allows you to stimulate the muscles in the buccal area, which will, in turn, define your cheekbones more. The technique has also been called “internal contouring” as it gives the appearance of higher and more defined cheekbones.

How To Perform A Buccal Massage


The massage can be done at a clinic in which a massage therapist would perform the massage. The benefit to this is that a qualified professional would be carrying out the procedure, which means you are guaranteed that it will be done correctly.

However, if you would prefer to save money, you can perform the massage by yourself at home. You should start with a clean face and hands. You should apply facial oil so that your skin is more slippery. Once you have prepared your skin, you should put your thumb into your mouth and massage each cheek with the opposite hand. You need to work the thumb and fingers at the same time to get the most out of your massage. You can work on any tension you may have surrounding your cheek and jaw.

The Benefits


Like any massage, it is an excellent way to destress, but it can be used to relieve tension in the jaw. It is also a great way to increase lymphatic drainage in the area so that your face is less puffy.

If you’re a more spiritual person, it is essential to note that performing these massages re-balance the throat chakra and re-align the third eye. A buccal massage is a fantastic way to sculpt your face with many added benefits.