A Comprehensive Guide To Drawing Up An Anti-Bucket List

Throughout our lives, we are exposed to bucket lists. Whether you have one or know of someone with one, you undoubtedly know what a bucket list is and what it represents to many people. 

However, think about all the things that you might not like to do during your life. Think about all the things you’d like to spend your life avoiding. This is where the anti-bucket list comes into play. 

We’re discussing what an anti-bucket list is and what you should be adding to yours. 

What Is It? 


An anti-bucket list is quite literally exactly what it sounds like. The antithesis of the traditional bucket list that Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson introduced to us in the 2007 film ‘The Bucket List”. 

Everybody went crazy for the bucket list, and everything is represented. A way to mark off all of the things you wish to do before you pass away one day. Ensuring that you lived your life to the fullest in precisely the way you intended.


The anti-bucket list works on the same premise; only the anti-bucket list details everything you don’t ever want to do. These are the things that you will not do before you pass away, simply because you have no desire to. 

What Should Be On It? 


While some people have severe anti-bucket lists, like those that state that they will never rely on anybody or will never use single-use plastics in their home, some people take the anti-bucket list a little more lightly. 

Many people have had fun with their anti-bucket lists and listed all of the things that everybody has already done or things on most people’s bucket lists, such as ‘seeing the world’ or ‘losing ten pounds. 


Some people have added things that they fear to their anti-bucket lists to ensure that they never do these things. Anti-bucket lists like these include never going skydiving or swimming with sharks. 

The Bottom Line 


Anti-bucket lists seem to be the jokester brother of the traditional bucket list. They are a fun and light-hearted way to express to the world all of the things you hope you never have to do until the day you pass away. 

If you wish to have a more serious anti-bucket list, it is also possible. The quality and character of your bucket list are entirely up to you, and you should do whatever you think is right. Have fun with it. 

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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