A Comprehensive Guide To Hypnobirthing

Apr 05, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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What's actually hypnobirthing and does it make labor less painful? Is it just for hippies? Come with us and let's find out.

Jessica Alba and Kate Middleton have supposedly used hypnobirthing to give birth to their babies. But, you might be wondering... Hypnosis during birth, the moment you should be most concentrated? Well, yes and no.

What's hypnobirthing? If you think that hypnobirthing makes someone drift off and come back when labor is done, that's not how it happens.

"Hypnobirthing is a form of antenatal education and an approach to birth that is both logical and evidence-based. Think of it as a part science lesson, part mindfulness practice."

Siobhan Miller, Expert hypnobirthing teacher

There are hypnobirthing courses available for individuals and groups (and even online), that will teach you about birth physiology.

A lot of people are intimidated or deem hypnobirthing as a hippie thing. Taking a course and understanding how the muscles work and hormones interact with each other during labor might make you more relaxed about the whole process.

Many practical tools can be used during hypnobirthing and allegedly make birth a less painful process.

Breathwork, massage, meditation, and mindfulness are tools used during hypnobirthing. You'll also learn about other interventions such as cesarean and induction and how to navigate these challenging situations during the course.

"In my opinion it's the most thorough, relevant and empowering course of education you can take, when preparing to give birth. And best of all, it will benefit everyone and every type of birth."

Siobhan Miller, Expert hypnobirthing teacher

The benefits of choosing to do a hypnobirthing course during your pregnancy are many. Most new moms feel anxious and worried about giving birth for the first time but you'll get more confident and excited about that.

When to start practicing it? According to Siobhan, there's no right or wrong time. You can start whenever you feel like.

The expert also recommends their clients try meditation and breathwork before bedtime, so they can benefit from the techniques and get more familiar with them before the big day comes.

If you're wondering whether or not to involve your partner in that, Siobhan says birth partners are a crucial piece in labor and birth.

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