A Comprehensive Guide To Spotting Narcissistic Traits

In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of the empath/narcissist narrative. We are constantly being told whether or not we are an empath, and it seems that the world is filling with more narcissists by the day. 

It is important to know exactly what a narcissist is so that when one comes into your life, you have the opportunity to protect yourself before they have a chance to get to you and manipulate you. 

WomanlyLive is here to tell you how to spot a narcissist so that you don’t get trapped. 



Narcissists tend to believe that they are the be-all and end-all of the universe. Without them, everybody’s lives would be incomplete, and they create a sense of order in an otherwise confusing world. 

However, the opposite is often true of narcissists. Beware of people who seem to think that the world would not be the same if they had not been born, and you’re probably dealing with a narcissist. 

Blame Game 


Narcissists cannot accept blame. In fact, I’m sure it physically pains them to do so. You will never hear a narcissist saying that they were wrong and apologizing unless, of course, it is followed by what you did to make them act out. 

Tune in to how often people admit their mistakes and apologize for the things that they have done. You will notice a narcissist because they will be the last person in an argument to admit defeat and apologize to you. 



Narcissists are extremely charming. You will likely meet a narcissist and immediately be drawn to them because of how charming and witty they are. You might even be swept off of your very feet! 

However, as you get to know the narcissist, the charm will disappear and be replaced with the much worse traits common in narcissistic personality disorder. 



Some narcissists are extremely intelligent, and there are narcissists that are not. However, every narcissist will believe that they are the most intelligent being to grace this earth. 

You will be hard-pressed to find a narcissist who doesn’t know something about every topic you bring up. It will be even more difficult to find a narcissist who doesn’t believe that they know infinitely more than you do. 

Needs Praise 


Narcissists feed off of praise and compliments. When they are not receiving praise or are not the center of attention, they immediately become disgruntled and will try and draw the attention back to themselves in any way possible. 

You might notice a narcissist acting particularly peculiar at a party just to get some attention or monopolizing the conversation so that everybody listens to them the entire time without anybody else getting a word in. 



You will notice if you are in a relationship with a narcissist that your emotions do not seem to matter. This is because narcissists are extremely emotionally neglectful. They will not tend to your emotional needs at all. 

You might think that they are becoming better because they will often try and show you love and affection so that you don’t notice the upcoming neglect or the neglect that has already happened. 



One of the worst traits that you will see in a narcissist is gaslighting. You might not know that they are gaslighting you at the time, but you will start to notice the effects over an extended period of time. 

You might be extremely anxious; you might be far less confident than you used to be; you might think that you overreact too much. All of these are signs that the narcissist is gaslighting you and that you need to get out.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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