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A Comprehensive Guide To Spring Cleaning


April 02, 2021

The feel-good feelings that only come from a full home decluttering. Your mental and physical health will also thank you. 

Is there something more satisfying than seeing your home tidy and clean? But I mean really clean. Yeah, I’m talking about the old drawer with old bills and batteries rolling around and that box of Christmas decorations that you don’t even use anymore and it’s just sitting in your basement.

Decluttering — especially the deepest corners of your home — can be tiring, overwhelming, and time-consuming. But why not take the time now that you’re home and use your time to give your home’s trouble spots some attention? Before you even start, consider creating a clean checklist. To save you some time, we’ve created this short and comprehensive guide to spring cleaning.

Take Inventory

Before you even start and get to work, you should first check what’s worth keeping or getting rid of. Go through all drawers, closets, and cupboards.

Check expiration dates, throw away anything that isn’t being used for more than a year. It’s essential to get rid of attachment and forget about “what if I need this?”. Most of the time, you won’t.

Time to Clean

Now you have some more space, it’s time to clean up! Divide the cleaning into parts — which part of the house are you starting first?

Let’s say the bathroom. Now think about every single corner that needs to be cleaned. From shower drain to grout, to tiles, to shower curtains. Start with the most obvious places like the sink and bath tub, then you go to the “forgotten” parts.

Time to Reflect

After cleaning all corners of your home, it’s time to organize your stuff. If you can’t call Marie Kondo, you have to embody her mindset.

Before you start, think about this quote: “But when we delve into the reasons for why we can’t let something go, there are only two: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future.”

Now, It’s Time to Declutter


After all the cleaning and reflection, you’re ready to take wise decisions here. Take a look at your closet and remove anything stained, in need of repair, or worn out.

Then, make a second pass, check what you haven’t used for over six months, and try anything you’re unsure about before giving it closet space. Repeat this declutter process in other parts of your home like kitchen and bathroom cabinets, living room drawers and so on.