A Comprehensive Guide To Tapping Into Feminine Energy

Mar 16, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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You probably heard about this theme before or even heard someone saying things like “This girl has a strong feminine energy” about a strong and confident female. But what truly means being feminine? We’re going to discuss this in this article.


Also called the divine feminine energy, the feminine energy is a set of traits when we’re more connected to our feminine side: more fluid, harmonious, creative, and receptive but not passive.

On the other hand, in masculine energy, there’s a lot of action involved. It’s focused on the “doing” part of things, the goal-oriented and dominant energy type.


In the ideal scenario and to live a balanced life, we need to have both energies working together and in harmony. It’s just like Yin & Yang concept. We can’t live with one of the energies. Even if someone tends to associate with more one than another, it’s essentially important to be aware of that and do the work to balance both.

Most of the women have no idea how to connect with their feminine energy. And that’s, unfortunately, quite normal. Western society is dominated by masculine energy, and we were told that to become successful, we need to be go-getters, do, do, do things all the time. That said, we’ve brought some ways for you to connect with your feminine energy.

Become Aware


Awareness is the key to everything. Take time to reflect and see why you might be feeling disconnected with your body, with your feminine side.

Many of us are so busy that we don’t have time to connect with our bodies and inner voice. We lose touch with our deeper selves. The first step is to become aware of that. Secondly, you can maybe ask yourself some question such as:

  • Why do I feel disconnected from my body?
  • Was it something I inherited from my parents?
  • When was the last time I connected with my inner self?
  • How did it feel like?

At first, it might be hard to answer these questions, but you eventually become more comfortable with time.

Connect With Mother Nature


Mother nature is here to embrace and transform us. It has the power to balance whatever is out of whack and reconnect us with our souls. Nature has strong feminine energy, so places like the forest, jungle, parks, and the ocean are abundant with natural feminine energy. Go to nature whenever you feel like you’d like to connect with yourself or recharge your batteries.

Connect With Your Emotions


Being in nature will open some doors and make you more opened and vulnerable (in a positive way) to get in touch with your deepest emotions. Don’t be worried or afraid to express your feelings. Embrace whatever comes up and don’t suppress or try to run away from anything.

Remember, this is an integral part of you that has been suppressed for so long. Journaling, dancing, and talking to a friend or a therapist are ways to put this energy out.

Accept Transformation


Your ego will attempt to keep you in your comfort zone but don’t give in to its moves. Growing means changing, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable. Take it easy on yourself and allow the process to unravel itself naturally — one of the main traits of feminine energy is fluidity.

Bear in mind that this is happening for your good, so don’t be afraid! As the writer and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn says, “Whatever arises, love that”.

“A woman in love with herself is magnetic.”

Abiola Abrams