A Comprehensive Guide To The Maui Maluhia Spa Treatment

Jan 12, 2021
04:56 P.M.
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A relaxing, one-of-a-kind spa treatment, Maui Maluhia offers a serene respite to our exhausted bodies and is a must-try indulgence if you visit Maui island.


Vacations are all about unwinding ourselves and seeking change. For some people, holidays are a golden chance for adventure. Others prefer more relaxing options, like body massages and spa sessions.

Anyone with a desk job would agree with how tiring it is to sit in front of a laptop. Keeping ourselves positive for vacation friendly, pandemic safe travel, we’ve selected for you one of the best spa treatments offered in Maui - Maui Maluhia.

What Is Maui Maluhia


Maui Maluhia is a spa treatment that has been designed to soothe and calm your body. It starts with reflexology, a foot massage that focuses on locating tensed areas in the body.

"Maluhia is a state of mind, a state of silence, of peace. When that treatment was created, we wanted to create something where guests can completely relax; it's an all-encompassing treatment where we're hitting every sensory."

said Jennifer Holzworth, director of Spa at Montage Kapalua Bay, in conversation with elle.com

After reflexology, the body is brushed with green, white, and red algae masks. The treatment concludes with sea salt foot exfoliation and Laminaria algae oil massage.



Maui Mauhia begins with reflexology, which is a soothing foot massage. Massaging the feet helps pinpoint the exact spots in the body, which are tired and need proper caring.

According to Holzworth, feet are the maps that help navigate the entire body. A good foot massage not only calms the feet but also directs the massage therapist to relieve tension in other areas of the body.

Dry Brushing & Body Mask


The next step in Maui Maluhia is to brush the body in an upward direction. It triggers the lymph movement through your body, releasing toxins for a quick recovery and calming effect.

Then comes the turn of applying a mud mask with green, white, and red algae oils. By this time, you are ready to be wrapped in a cocoon with a blanket, and you can doze off if you like.

Deep Body Massage

Photo by Katherine Halon on Unsplash

Photo by Katherine Halon on Unsplash


Finally, you wash off the mask and get ready for some thorough full-body massage session. The reflexology portion focuses on the body spots, which are stiff, tired, or otherwise painful.

With a gentle fingertip, palm, and forearm movements, the tight spots are relieved of stress and pressure. The calm music in the background amplifies the soothing effect of the massage.

Recreating Maui Maluhia At Home


While it may not be possible to experience Maui Maluhia in Maui for now, we can recreate the soothing experience at home to an extent. Holzworth suggests exfoliating your body or using a salt scrub while bathing.

Afterward, you can put on a body mask and soak it in a hot water tub. The heat will help you relax and relieve stress and stiffness. It will also allow the show to penetrate better in your skin.

Spa Montage Kapalua Bay


Kapalua Bay is an oceanfront resort, which is one of the most prized possessions in Maui. It offers picturesque views of the island and comes with other exciting outdoor and indoor options.

Spa Montage Kapalua Bay is a must-visit place for some genuine Maui-inspired spa treatments. The Spa offers various services like facial therapies, massage therapies, wellness, fitness, and salon montage.

Other Spa Treatments In Maui

Photo by Atikah Akhtar on Unsplash

Photo by Atikah Akhtar on Unsplash


Maui also offers other soothing spa treatments. The Ocean Ritual is a spa session that involves body exfoliation and a neo-vital massage. The Omakase Blending experience allows you to choose your oils and products before heading for massage.

Another spa treatment uses the rhythmic motion of the treatment bed to relax the body. You can also opt for a 20-hands duo massage or a heavenly spa using the Hualani Hawaiin products. All the spa treatments are offered by some of the most top-notch spa centers in Maui.