A Comprehensive Guide To Using Moldavite

The world is moving into a much more awakened state, and as it does, crystal healing and energy healing are becoming increasingly popular. Many crystals can be used to heal many different ailments. 

Another healing stone that has recently gained some popularity is the tektite. This is another type of stone similar to a crystal but is not used in the same way. One of the most popular tektites is moldavite. 

Here is everything you need to know about how to use a moldavite tektite. 



Moldavite is a healing ‘crystal’ that has an extremely high vibration. Some have said that when you hold a moldavite in your hand, you can feel the vibration coursing through your body, starting with your hand tingling and then the rest of your body following suit. 

For this reason, it is an excellent stone to use when you are meditating. Moldavite will raise your vibration simply by holding onto it, and it encourages the mind to rise above the daily deluge of life and explore alternate realities. 

Heart Chakra 


Many of us have problems opening our heart chakras because of past traumas or hardships that we have faced during our lives. So while you can meditate and do chakra healing, it is not always easy. 

With moldavite, the process of opening and clearing your heart chakra becomes that much easier. Wear moldavite on a pendant around your neck and let it hang close to your heart so that you can open and heal your heart chakra. 

Artificial Light 


You undoubtedly know how harmful the blue light that comes off our phones and laptops is to our eyes and our minds. But, unfortunately, this is how we get work done in today’s world, so we cannot escape it. 

However, moldavite has powerful healing properties that can be gained by simply buying a moldavite stone and putting it on your desk, not to be as harmed by the blue light as you would normally be. 



Moldavite is a stone that fosters growth and transformation. The stone is said to bring highly beneficial coincidences into your life and encourage synchronicities that were not happening before using moldavite. 

If you are already on a spiritual path, it might be time to get yourself a moldavite stone to raise your vibration, and the high energy from the stone can assist you in all of your spiritual endeavors. 



While moldavite might seem like the cosmic stone that could solve all your problems, it is extremely powerful and therefore comes with a few warnings. The stone’s energy is one of the highest in the world. 

You should not use moldavite if you are not ready to feel intense energy and experience great shifts in your life. You should also be aware of the high energy of the stone if you are a sensitive soul or an empath because the energy might be overwhelming.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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