A Glimpse At The Pranksters Of The Royal Family

Every family has a jokester or two. Amongst the royals, Prince Harry is the prankster of pranksters.

His mother, the late Princess Diana, also enjoyed playing pranks and participated in many of Harry’s cheeky tricks when he was a kid. 

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According to Paul Burrell, the former royal butler, Harry was the only one who could trick his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and get away with it. The butler recalls one time when Harry and William were much younger and had afternoon tea with their Nan.

While William was sitting and drinking his tea, Harry was busy putting plastic flies in the sugar bowl. It must have been an adorably funny moment when the Queen spotted the flies.

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Princess Diana contributed to young Harry’s pranks. Burrell reports that she spent hours looking for perfect Christmas stocking fillers, and once gifted Harry fake dog poo.

He loved it! And as usual, the prince already had his favorite target in mind and was planning out the best way to prank his gran.

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Needless to say, Princess Diana often used her own skills too. The princess and Fergi, as Sarah Ferguson was fondly called, were known to play pranks in their attempt to rebel against the rigid customs and protocols of the palace.

Their prank on Fergie’s “hen night” in 1986, where they dressed up as policewomen making a mock- arrest outside Buckingham Palace, is infamous. Bachelorette parties were not common among the royals. The account was mentioned in Sarah Ferguson’s  1996 autobiography, “My Story: Sarah the Duchess of York.” 

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Princess Diana also played numerous pranks on her nearest neighbor at Kensington Palace, Princess Michael of Kent. Reports claimed she was not particularly fond of her.

The Amazon Prime documentary, “Princess Diana – The Woman Inside,” revealed that Diana and her friend Simone Simmons once put green avocado face-packs on and decided to prank Princess Michael of Kent as she was leaving her house in her grand car. They thrust their faces out of the window, looking like a pair of Martians.

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It is refreshing to know that the prim and proper royal family can let their hair down and have some fun with their dear ones. Knowing that the royals are capable of joking, tricking, or pranking each other, tells us that even the blue bloods are human.

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