A Glimpse Into KPop Soloist Wonho's Impressive Workout Routine

Feb 24, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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MONSTA X's Wonho chiseled physique looks like hard work and dedication. He's shared some of the details of how he achieves his bod, including some awesome warm-up tips.


KPop star, Wonho is well known not only for his musical talents , but his muscliuar body and killer abs that make fans swoon whenver they catch a glimpse.

The twenty-seven-year-old Korean musician has been open on how he builds muscle. He’s even shared a video in which he shares some tips on warming up before your workout.

Wonho’s Workout Routine


Wonho is big on working out. Whether he’s hitting the gym or his dorm, he makes sure to regularly put in some time an effort to exercising.

In 2019, he shared a simple workout routine with "Elle Korea" for Monbebes to try out. The star stresses the importance of warming up and relaxing.

Wonho’s Full Body Stretching Routine

The fitness buff’s stretching video is perfect for those working out from the comfort of their homes or in a limited space if you’re in a small apartment.


He also shows a routine that requires limited equipment, so it's accessible for even the beginner fitness enthusiast who's just starting out.

Using A Foam Roller


If you’re looking to workout like fitness buff Wonho, you may want to consider this nifty bit of workout gear. He shows in the video how to use it to release tension in the leg muscles.

Placing the foam roller under his thigh rolls it using his body weight back and forth. He repeats a similar action under the calf to release the tension in the two areas of the leg.



Wonho focuses on resting as well. In the video, he responds to the question of how he rest before and after he works out. He shares that some of his chose relaxation activities include listening to music and eating.

Some of the music on his relaxation playlist include “Kissing a Fool” by George Michael and “Spell” by Marie Digby. He also loves the sound of rain.



What you put in your body matters too. Your diet will affect your body and how you build muscle if that’s your goal for exercising. Wonho also pays attention to what he consumes.

In addition to his workout, he takes vitamins. He loves vitamins B, C and D especially. He’s also a big fan of fruits and vegetables. He mentions broccoli, asparagus, kale, and tomatoes among some of his go-to eats.