A Glimpse Into The Biggest Korean Skincare Trends Of 2021

May 12, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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Korean beauty has changed the way we approach skincare and makeup forever since its rise. Now the entire world looks forward to the newest trends and hacks that K beauty brings every now and then.


Skincare lovers have seen a slew of k beauty skincare trends make a splash over the past five years. These trends range from outrageous practices like cleansing with donkey milk to more common practices like sheet masks.

K beauty does not stop with their innovation, making it exciting to keep up with every few months. Read more to take a look at the biggest skincare trends that K beauty has brought us over this year.

Hanbang Ingredients


More skincare brands are turning to traditional practices for skincare these days, especially K beauty. Hangbang ingredients refer to the herbal ingredients used in ancient Korean medicine for various benefits.

“Hanbang ingredients are traditional herbal ingredients used in Korean medicines, and they’ve long been a staple in Korean life. For example, ginseng root, houttuynia cordata, sacred lotus, and Rehmannia boast anti-aging, anti-inflammation, and regenerative properties.”

Says Charlotte Cho, founder of Soko Glam

Layering Acids


You may notice that more acids are being added to K beauty products this year. Skincare brands are trying to find the perfect balance to yield the desired results without causing irritation to the skin.

Carrot Seed Oil


Carrot seed oil has been a critical player in k beauty for ten years, and it is catching people’s attention once again. This vitamin A-rich antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-aging ingredient is fantastic for brightening skin.

Gut Health


More brands are approaching skincare as wellness which has popularized supplements for gut health. One may also notice that microbiome-friendly skincare will gain popularity along with the supplements.

“K-beauty will shift more towards a holistic approach, linking skincare and internal health. I take probiotic supplements for my bouts of eczema, and I love using K-beauty products with fermented ingredients.”

Says Sarah Oh, founder of Oh My Gloss!

Clean Beauty


More K beauty companies are taking a clean beauty approach with their ingredients this year. Consumers can expect more gentle and effective products with plant-based ingredients that are free of harmful additives.

Minimalist Routines

Gone are the days of a 10 step K beauty skincare routine with the more minimalist offerings available. K beauty skincare brands are offering hyphenate products that offer various skincare solutions in one.

“We will be seeing more efficient and effective multitasking and versatile products — what we like to call ‘hyphenates’ or ‘hybrid’ skincare.”

Says Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe

Pimple Patches

More people have targeted acne from wearing masks and need a solution that doesn’t affect the rest of the skin. Pimple patches are the perfect solution that K beauty is pushing for targeted results this year.