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A Glimpse Into The Importance Of Scalp Care


May 20, 2021

People worldwide spend a lot of time trying to ensure that their hair doesn’t fall out, or isn’t dry, or isn’t gray. They believe that every hair problem they have starts with their hair and goes no further than that. 

However, genuinely taking care of hair means that you have to start at the root of your hair in your scalp. If your scalp is unhappy, inevitably, your hair will not be as healthy as you would like it to be. 

Here’s how you can take care of your scalp to ensure that your hair is as healthy as it can be. 

Why Is A Healthy Scalp Important? 

Your scalp is where your hair’s journey begins, so it seems like it should be second nature for us to want to take proper care of our scalps. If your scalp is healthy, then your hair will naturally follow suit. 

Each of your hairs grows out of a follicle in your scalp. A healthy follicle will produce healthy hair that grows at a steady rate. However, if the follicle is blocked or infected, it can severely damage the hair and cause it to grow much more slowly. 

Your job is to ensure that your scalp is free from any dead skin buildup, infections, or sebum (oil) build-up. You need to wash your hair weekly and brush it daily, if possible. However, you must also ensure that you focus on your scalp. 

How Do I Take Care Of My Scalp?

Taking care of your scalp is a relatively new trend in the beauty world, and as such, not many people know how to properly take care of their scalps so that they have healthy hair. We’re here to clear it up for you, though. 

Your scalp needs just as much love and attention as you give your facial skin; after all, it is in the same body region. While you apply endless serums to your facial skin, your scalp may be left dry and dirty. 

You should not wash your hair every day, which means that there is no way for you to keep your scalp clean constantly; however, you can ensure that it always has the moisture that it needs and that it is as clean as it can be in between washes. 

Having a clean scalp means that you only use products in your hair on wash day and never touch the roots of your hair with anything but shampoo. No other products should ever be on your roots or your scalp. If you use products after wash day, rewash your hair at the end of the day to clean your scalp.


Your scalp needs moisture to clean your scalp the same way your skin does so that you don’t have to worry about dead skin cells clogging your hair follicles on your scalp. To do this, you should exfoliate your scalp weekly. 

Exfoliating your scalp might sound odd, but all you need to do is massage your scalp and ensure that you get every part of your scalp so that most of the dead skin lifts off the scalp. You can also steam your hair before washing it and adding essential oils with a carrier oil like grapeseed to moisturize your scalp.