A Glimpse Into The Top Beauty Trends Of The Last Decade

Mar 14, 2021
06:00 A.M.
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Think about the last six months in the beauty industry. There have been many different trends, and they seem to change at the drop of a hat. Trying to keep up with beauty trends is not exclusive to the past six months, though.


Beauty trends have been occurring since the beauty industry was created. While trends spread much faster now because of social media, there have been many trends over the past ten years that have gone somewhat viral.

We’re taking a look at some of the beauty trends that have been around for the last decade.

Freckles Made A Comeback


We spent most of our childhoods despising our freckles and trying everything to cover them up. However, as we grew older, we started seeing people painting freckles on. Confusing and exciting for us all.

This trend has taken the beauty world by storm, and there are now so many different ways to achieve the freckled look if you don’t naturally have freckles. If you do have freckles, it’s best to use a light coverage foundation so that your freckles shine through.

Thick Eyeliner


This isn’t the most exciting trend because there are so many ways to get this trend wrong. Having panda eyes isn’t something that anybody wants, so that’s why this trend isn’t much of a movement anymore.

Thick eyeliner was a big trend circa 2013, but it has died down since then and been swapped out for cat-eye eyeliner, which better accentuates the eyes and gives the face a lovely shape.

Textured Manicures


Oh, boy. Remember cracked nail polish? What a time to be alive. We had seventeen different nail colors that could give the illusion of a dinosaur egg on each of our fingernails. We have since swapped the look out for a more classy alternative.

The new nail trends are more about fresh takes on classic manicures and geometric nails. Textured nails were fun while they lasted, but we’re glad they’re finished.



This is a trend that we are so glad became mainstream. In the early 2010s, contouring was a trick used by only professional makeup artists. By 2016, contouring had become a staple part of every woman’s makeup routine.

Contouring is a fantastic way to subtly shape your face and add more dimension to your face’s high points. The best thing about contouring is that there have been so many tutorial videos on it that it’s so easy to do now!

Big Brows


Gone are the days when we would pluck our eyebrows so thin that we may as well have shaved them off altogether. In fact, some of us did exactly that and then got them tattooed back on just as thin.

Now, we embrace big eyebrows. We grow our eyebrows out, and with the invention of microblading we can have flawless big brows 24 hours a day without worrying about brushing them into place.



Coming home from the club and going to sleep with your makeup used to be a common practice before the 2010s. However, some fairy godmother came down and blessed us with information about how bad that was for our skin.

The 2010s is when skincare became a cool practice again. We realized that our skin speaks for us before we can speak for ourselves, and we started to treat it as such. Skincare is now, thankfully, an essential part of every woman’s self-care routine.