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A Guide On What To Expect From The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse


June 10, 2021

This month’s moon has been incredible. It has brought about many changes and has allowed us to transform into the people we really should be. There have been incredible things that have happened this month because of the moon. 

However, this month’s mood isn’t quite finished with giving us more than we ever asked for. We have a solar eclipse coming up, folks! That’s right; one more phenomenon is being gifted to us by the moon.

Here is everything you need to know about the ring of fire solar eclipse. 

What Is An Eclipse

You might have heard of eclipses before; you may even have watched a few. However, it is an incredible sight that you should feel blessed to have seen if you have seen one. 

An eclipse happens when the moon moves in front of the sun and blocks it so that the sun’s rays do not reach earth in the same way that they usually do. Instead, the moon casts a shadow. 

However, this eclipse is slightly different from the eclipses that we are used to in that the shadow cast by the moon will be slightly smaller than the sun and so will look as if there is a ring of fire around the moon. 

The shadow will allow the sun to shine around the moon’s shadow because the sun will be slightly larger than the shadow. 

It does not happen very often and is quite a sight to behold when it does happen. 

The Ring Of Fire Eclipse 

This solar eclipse will be visible throughout the Northern Hemisphere; however, it will present itself as a partial eclipse in some places. In this case, the ring of fire will not appear. The places that will experience this are the southeast, northeast, Midwest, and northern Alaska. 

You can still see the eclipse happen in these places; it will not appear as a ring of fire but rather as a partial eclipse when the sun, moon, and earth do not line up as they should. 


The eclipse will occur on Thursday, June 10, early in the morning, so be sure to be up and at them to get a glimpse of it!