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A Guide To Building The Ultimate Fragrance Collection


June 21, 2021

One of the most attractive things about a person is when you meet them, and they smell good. Having a signature scent and smelling good is one of the most important things to many people. 

People worldwide build a fragrance collection that sees them through any season or event. It allows people to associate certain scents with certain people because the scent is one of the strongest memory triggers. 

Here is how you can build a fragrance collection that will suit any occasion or season. 


When it comes to fragrances, you need to know what category you would like to wear to look for fragrances that fall neatly into that category. There are three broad categories to choose from. 

You can have a green fragrance, which will be fresh and verdant. The citrus category will also comprise your citrus fruit scents like lemons, oranges, mandarins, etc. You can also go for a floral fragrance that could be made up of a myriad of flowers. Orientals are warm and spicy fragrances, such as amber, and chypres are woodier scents like patchouli or leather. 


Once you have decided on the perfume category that you would like to use, you need to understand the fragrance notes so that you know which fragrances might match it and complement it. 

The fragrance’s top notes are the first scents that you smell when you apply the fragrance, the middle notes come through to give the fragrance its intensity and character, and the base notes tend to balance the fragrance out. Therefore, when choosing your collection, you should make sure that the notes of your fragrances complement one another. 


When choosing your fragrance collection, you should consider your lifestyle to make the right choice in fragrances. First, consider your day-to-day activities and then choose fragrances based on that. 

If you work out often, you should ensure that you have a light fragrance that will be good for exercising. If you go out often, you should choose a more robust fragrance to see other people.

Branch Out 

You might have been wearing one fragrance for a long time now. While having a signature scent is important, and something that every person should have, building a fragrance collection requires you to branch out a little. 

You should consider fragrances that you might previously not have thought of. Then, go to your store and check whether or not you can get a fragrance sample to check whether or not you enjoy wearing it. 



When you choose a fragrance, you will most likely find a blend of many categories and notes, which is an excellent way to build a more robust fragrance. First, however, you should know what blends you are wearing. 

If you are wearing a particularly robust fragrance, the blend will consist of more categories and notes, making it perfect for the evenings. On the other hand, if you are wearing a lighter fragrance, it will not have as many notes, and categories blended in and is better for morning wear.