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A Guide To Celebrating Earth Day


April 22, 2021

As the world becomes more and more environmentally conscious by using less plastic and ensuring that we save the world, International Earth Day becomes a day to behold and observe like never before. 

However, if you are new to this, you might not know the best ways to celebrate Earth Day, and you might feel like you’re doing all of the wrong things even though you don’t mean to be. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you. 

Here’s how you can observe and celebrate Earth Day, no matter where in the world you are. 

Plant A Tree 

Perhaps the most obvious way to observe Earth Day is to plant a tree. This can be a small shrub or tree that is already quite tall. It could be a tiny bonsai; any kind of tree is an excellent start to planting even more in the future. 

If you want to plant a tree and want to use the tree in the future, it is a good idea to plant a fruit tree. Planting a fruit tree will mean that you always have fresh fruit and save the environment in a small part. 

Turn Off Lights 

We are all required to turn out our lights during Earth Hour, so why not try this all day on Earth Day? Of course, we cannot switch off our electricity entirely as we need it to work and make a living, but you can participate in small ways. 

Turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances so that the usage is limited. You might not need to have your radio on while you work; you may not need to switch on your office lights if you open the blinds a little more. Any tiny bit counts. 

Join A March 

Most of the world is still socially distancing, and therefore joining a march seems like a terrible idea, but you don’t have to attend a physical demonstration. You could join a virtual march to show your support. 

Many of these marches have entry fees, and the entry fees will go towards research and foundations set up to try and save the environment. 


It is imperative to stay hydrated at all times for your health, but you can do this without harming the environment’s health. Drinking water from plastic bottles can be harmful to your health as well as the environment. 

Instead of plastic water bottles, try to opt for a reusable glass water bottle. It might be a little less convenient than a plastic bottle, but you and a great way should celebrate Earth Day. 


We all love the convenience of being able to get our favorite fruits and vegetables year-round, even when they’re not in season. However, to help save the earth, you might want to rethink your grocery buying habits. 

Instead of popping out to your local supermarket, try and buy your groceries from your local farmer’s market. These markets usually carry only fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season at the time. These new produce items are better for you and support local farmers’ small businesses. 

Spend Time In Nature 

An excellent way to spend your Earth Day is walking amongst all of the things that Earth has to offer. Go out into your garden or go for a walk in a local park so that you can breathe some fresh air. 

If you don’t have any sort of park or garden near you, you can simply open a few more windows in your home to let some fresh air in. It may not do anything for the environment, but it might inspire you to begin taking a look at things more carefully. 


One of the best ways to effect change in the world is to speak out about your beliefs. Trying to change the world alone will feel like an impossible task, but if those around you are doing the same thing, the load is shared. 

You can do this by telling your family and friends that you are trying to change the world by saving the environment and encouraging them to do the same thing. Doing this might encourage them to do the same thing, and soon it will be a domino effect. 

Water Usage 

While it feels relaxing and luxurious to spend hours in the shower, it is detrimental to the environment to use that much water. Limiting your water usage on Earth Day is an excellent step towards saving the environment. 

If you don’t feel like you can sacrifice your hour-long shower, take a bucket or container into the shower with you to catch the water. You can then use this water to water your plants or flush the toilet. 



It is essential on any day to volunteer, but it is also an excellent way to observe Earth Day. You can spend some time picking up litter around your local park, cleaning up beaches, or planting trees. 

All you need to do is research which volunteer initiatives are near to you and then sign up for one of them. You might even be inspired to continue volunteering long after Earth Day is over. 


WomanlyLive has already done an article on how important it is for people to begin thrift shopping, but it is also an excellent way to observe Earth Day. We know that thrift shopping is ideal for the environment and can’t think of why you wouldn’t want to do it. 

If you have never thrift shopped before, Earth Day might be the day you want to start. It will show your commitment to the cause and might even land you with an entirely new closet on a budget!