A Guide To Choosing The Right Crystals Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Mar 27, 2021
06:00 A.M.
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You have probably heard all about the healing power of crystals from that girl in high school that nobody ever really paid much attention to. Recently, though energetic and spiritual practices have gained a lot of popularity.


Worldwide, people are tuning in to the universe’s energy, themselves, and everything around them. An essential aspect of this type of practice is crystals. Each crystal has its own energetic charge that does different things.

We are exploring which crystals are the best for your zodiac sign in this article.



If you are an Aries, the crystal that you need to purchase is a carnelian. While Aries is a fire sign, there is always the chance that you will doubt yourself or lose confidence at some point. A carnelian carries the energies of confidence and calm assertiveness.



Taurans should invest in rose quartz. Rose quartz carries the energies of openness and love. Taurans are notoriously stubborn, and this crystal will help to bring about the power of open-mindedness.



The zodiac sign that everybody loves to hate, Geminis should go out and get clear quartz or citrine. Being a twin personality can be exhausting, but these two crystals promote the energy of vibrance and intelligence.



Cancers have possibly the prettiest and most simple crystal for their healing crystal. The moonstone, which promotes calm and stability in the anxiety-ridden sign, is the perfect crystal for cancers to buy.



Ironically, Leo’s perfect stone is the tiger’s eye. Leos are a creative zodiac sign, and this stone will further promote their creativity and confidence. This stone also encourages balance for Leo’s dominant personality.



Virgos are a general perfectionist zodiac sign. Everything must be done in a certain way at a particular time to achieve a specific goal. The howlite crystal will bring a sense of grounding and calming to counteract the frenetic energy of a Virgo.



Sodalite is the perfect stone for a Libra to purchase as it adds to Libra’s peacemaking and mediating abilities. Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac, and the sodalite stone will help Libra to communicate better.



Scorpios are the protectors of the zodiac. If you are a loved one of a Scorpio, you know that there is always someone that has your back. The obsidian is the stone for Scorpio because it wards off negative vibes.



Saggitarius is known as the lucky sign in the zodiac. Luck follows Saggitarius around without Saggitarius even trying. Turquoise is the perfect stone for Saggitarius as it promotes luck, too. If you’re a Sag and you need to manifest, turquoise is your best friend.



Capricorns are the ambitious sign in the zodiac. They don’t need anybody to tell them how to start working, but they can become a little disheartened along the way if they do not see results. The garnet stone will promote a sense of calm and release feelings of anxiety.



Aquarius is a water sign, which is why having aquamarine as your perfect stone seems almost serendipitous. The water stone gives balance to the rebellion that lives just below the Aquarius personality’s surface and promotes healing in the physical body.


Pisces need the amethyst stone near to them. Amethyst boosts your intuition and is a wise stone, much like the Pisces personality’s wisdom. This stone will also protect Pisces from negative vibes while they live in their dream-like state.