A Guide To Cusp Signs

If you’re really into astrology, you probably base many of your decisions and perceptions around star signs. This might mean that you base your personality traits around what is said about your star sign. 

Because of this, you might also know what cusp signs are, but some people don’t know what cusp signs are, and many different personality traits are attributed to these star signs. 

Here is everything that you need to know about cusp star signs

What Is A Cusp Sign 


A cusp sign is a star sign that falls right between two star signs. The concept might seem odd considering every date in the calendar is accounted for when it comes to zodiac signs, but it is true. 

Cusp signs are those signs that meet up at the beginning of one sign and the end of another star sign. For example, the Aries star sign ends on April 19th, and the Taurus star sign begins on April 20th. This means that people born on these dates or around them might be considered on the cusp of the two star signs. 


Each of the cusps is said to have its own identity. For example, the Aries-Taurus cusp star sign is the cusp of power and ranges from the 16th of April until the 22nd of April. Thus, each cusp has its own unique identity. 

Many astrologers have said that the cusp theory does not exist and that each star sign begins and ends when it does for a reason, and the people born on those dates identify with those star signs. 

What Does It Mean 


Being a cusp sign means that you might have traits from both of the star signs that you are on the cusp of; however, there are instances in which you do not have traits from both, and you identify completely with your own star sign. 

It is essential that you remember that being on the cusp of two star signs does not mean that you have two star signs; it simply means that you might carry traits from both, and you also might identify much more strongly with one than the other. 


Often, if you are on a cusp or know someone who is, you will know that these people feel like they know more than others because they often do. They tend to carry more knowledge and wisdom than people who are not on a cusp. 

Bottom Line


You are on the cusp if your birth falls on the last or the first three days of your star sign, which means that you might carry traits and wisdom from both of the star signs that you are on the cusp on. 

However, there is no need to replot your birth chart, if you identify with one star sign more than the other or only identify with the star sign that you are meant to be, that is perfectly normal, and you can base your decisions around your star sign.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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