A Guide To Developing An Abundance Mindset

Apr 03, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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Things could not be working out in your life with all the instability we have in the world right now. Maybe you could have lost your job, have low finances and feel everything is falling apart. It’s anyone’s guess how your mindset is doing now.


We have all experienced interacting with that one person who always seems optimistic no matter what. Somehow, things in their life seem to be working out, and they never fret in the face of fear. The secret could lie in their way of thinking.

Being positive, hopeful, and grateful for the things in your life will attract more to you. The same applies vice versa. Therefore, if you're lying in your bed, feeling down, cheer up. Use this guide to develop an abundance mindset to see positive change in your life.

Focus On What You Have


Be grateful for what you have in your life. As much as you feel negative right now, you’ve had a lot of abundance in your past. Therefore, if you're currently jobless and seeking employment right now, take the time to assess your past qualifications.

If you’re afraid to apply for job positions, know you’re approaching that aspect with a scarcity mindset. Feel confident and believe people will want your skills because you are qualified. Try not to wallow in self-pity, and you will see the change a different attitude will bring to you.

Bring Gratitude Into Your Daily Life


Oprah once said that if you focus on what you don’t have in your life, you will have less. However, if you focus on what you do have, you will have more. Therefore, make it a routine to experience the benefits of your overall well-being truly.

Get a journal and write jot down five things you're grateful for each day. Incorporate it into your morning routine by writing down everything, even the simple ones that don’t require finances. From the air to your bed, you will have plenty to write in no time.

Read Inspirational Stories


Level up your abundance mindset by reading inspirational stories. If you’re feeling down, you can easily find comfort in reading other people's success. Reading their journeys will challenge you to achieve the same too.

This process is called social modeling. Get the most out of your practice to find similarities between you and the other person's story to instill the feeling that anything is possible. Make it a habit to model the thoughts and behaviors of successful people to shift your mindset.

Have Positive Expectations


Having expectations is good, especially when you believe you will receive everything you want. When approaching situations, change your mindset to think that you will get what you desire. From friendships, love, or jobs, the world is at your fingertips.

Trust us. This is way better than expecting the worst. Not only does it make you feel horrible and scared, but it will limit you from receiving what is to come your way. Always expect the best and align your vision to increase your chances of receiving it.

Find An Affirming Mantra


Having a mantra is excellent, especially in moments you feel low. No one is perfect, and it’s perfectly normal to experience moments of having low scarcity thoughts. Therefore, when going through a low point, it’s best to whip out your mantras then.

Ensure they are in the present tense to make you feel like you are living in the now. Try saying things are always working out for you, or you can easily attract your desires. Make it more personal by trying to come up with more based on your present circumstances.