A Guide To Distressing Your Own Jeans

Mar 23, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Ripped jeans are incredibly fashionable and have been for quite some time now. They can be dressed up with heels and some accessories or dressed down with a pair of sneakers.


Despite being attacked at family events when you wear ripped jeans, every woman has owned or wants to own a pair. Ripped jeans can be expensive, though, and finding the pair that’s torn in just the right place for you can be challenging.

We have compiled a guide on how to create your ripped jeans so that you can stay in fashion and save your wallet too.

Choose Your Jeans


You will obviously need a pair of jeans that you like and fit well. It’s probably best to use a pair of older jeans because you wouldn’t want a pair of new jeans to be ruined if it goes wrong. The color and style of jeans you pick doesn’t matter.

Another great idea is to use an old pair of shorts to patch test the ripping. This will ensure that you figure out how to make your rips before touching an actual pair of jeans. It also allows you to experiment with the ripping technique.

Bleach Your Jeans


To get the perfect aged, ripped look on your jeans, you should wash them out a few times. You can simply wash the jeans a couple of times, but there is another way to achieve the faded look faster.

You can add some bleach to the wash when you wash the jeans to get the faded look quickly and effectively. This will also make the ripping process much easier as the bleach will weaken the jeans’ fibers.

Distress Your Jeans


Once you have got the desired color on your denim, you can start distressing. You must begin distressing the denim before you try to cut holes. You can distress your jeans using multiple items.

Using sandpaper or wire wool are perfect tools with which to begin distressing. All you need to do is mark off the places you want the rips to be and start sanding them. This will further weaken the fibers in the jeans and make them easier to rip.

Rip Your Jeans


Once you have sufficiently distressed your jeans, you can begin making the rips. You should use a knife or scissors to cut the holes. Ensure that you use the edge of the blade to make horizontal cuts along the distressed sections.

Now that you have made the cuts, you can start to put the finishing touches on the rips. Use a tweezer to pull strands of denim out of the drips to ensure that the tears are filled with small strands of denim so that the tears look authentic.