A Guide To Easing Sunburn At Home

We all love spending time in the sun, but too much time out there will leave a mark on our skin! When the sunburn hits, it can take quite a toll on your skin, and you’ll want to get it sorted ASAP!

It’s easy to get carried away in the summer, especially after spending what felt like endless months in winter. You end up enjoying your day out in the sun so much you get a bit careless when it comes to sun care!

While we try as much as we can to lather up on the sunscreen and stay in the shade, it’s a bit tricky when you’re cooling off in the water. So here’s how you can treat sunburn at home.

1. Cool The Area Down

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When your skin’s been burned, you’ll want to cool it down gently, and you can easily do that by jumping back in the water. But, of course, you can also head inside and take a relaxing cool bath or even stand in the shower and let the cool water rush over you!

2. Oatmeal Bath

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You can add oatmeal to your bath water to help soothe your skin. But you want to avoid exfoliating your already sensitive skin, so what you can do is add the oatmeal to a sock and add that to your bathwater.

Adding baking soda and cornstarch can help soothe your skin and also help you with itchiness. Just be gentle with your skin and try not to be harsh, especially when drying off!

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the miracle ingredient for most skin concerns. It provides instant relief for sunburn, especially if you’ve been outside for too long and it’s starting to hurt!

4. Chamomile Tea

Photo by Irene Ivantsova on Unsplash

Chamomile helps soothe your spirit right before you sleep, but the tea can also soothe your skin. Brew the chamomile tea and when it’s cooled down to be applied to your skin, soak a cloth and dab it onto your sensitive skin to ease the sunburn.

5. Don’t Pick At Your Skin


It might be tempting to pick at your skin especially if you see blisters start to form. Fight your instincts!

Breaking your skin does more harm than good! Try and distract yourself while you allow your skin to heal naturally!

6. Hydrate


It’s hot, and you do a lot while you’re out enjoying the warm weather, but you’re losing a lot of fluid. So you’ve got to get your water in!

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day; your skin needs it! But, most importantly, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you head out again, so your skin stays well protected!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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