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A Guide to Expertly Remove Stubborn Stains From Clothes


April 11, 2021

The spilled wine stain on your carpet. The lipstick on your shirt right before you head out. The color stains on your clothing. Do you recognize these stains? If you got rid of them, congrats, but if you are not looking to repeat the same mistakes, this article is for you.

The trick to getting rid of stubborn stains is to act fast. Moreover, if you know your stain removers, the process will be a breeze. Some stain removers are made from everyday household items, while others may need a little help with detergents.

However, if the stain is peskier than you thought, you might need to seek professional help. Make sure you test your stain remover on a hidden part of your garment to observe how it behaves. Ready? Here is the guide to expertly removing stubborn stains from your clothing.

How To Get Rid of Drink Stains

Did a slip of the hand spill some wine on your fave shirt? Act quick. Sponge the area with cool water first. Next, if you have a stain remover like a Tide To Go Stain Pen, use that to get as much as the stain off. 

Use a prewash stain remover at home like Shout Advanced Action Gel before tossing your shirt in the wash. However, you can opt to use WineAway to attack the wine on your shirt. All you need to do is spritz, wait for 15 mins and blot away the excess. 

How To Blitz Blood Stains

From monthlies to injuries. Bloodstains can be removed. Soak the stain in cool water and use an enzyme detergent. Enzyme detergents (digestants) are fantastic at removing protein stains. However, wool and silk are digestants. Thus, do not take an enzyme detergent to them.

You may also go D.I.Y and make a paste of salt and water to apply on the marks and use an old toothbrush to scrub off the stain. Alternatively, you can dab the area in Hydrogen Peroxide. Finally, pop your clothing item in the wash with detergent.

How To Remove Color-Run Stains

If you have accidentally mixed up your whites with some colored clothing, the situation can be saved. You want to take bleach to the area. First, soak your clothes in water and a ¼ cup of bleach for 10 minutes and rinse.

Also, you can use one packet of Carbona Color Run Remover. It can be used on both whites or color-fast fabric. Next, soak the clothes in hot water, warm enough for your clothing, and keep stirring until the color lifts. Repeat of necessary and launder as usual.

How To Remove Paint Stains

Again, the key here is to act as fast as possible. Dried paint stains are far peskier than fresh ones. For latex or water-based paints, begin by scraping off the stain and flushing the stain under ample amounts of warm water.

Make sure to work from the back of the fabric. After, mix up half dish soap and half warm water solution to sponge and tamp the spot. Repeat as many times as necessary to ensure that the stain is completely gone.

How To Remove Ink Stains

Eyedroppers are excellent in targeting a specific area. In the case of ballpoint pen ink leaking onto your clothes, decant some isopropyl alcohol into the eyedropper and drop it onto the stain. However, you can use submerge the stain in the alcohol.

Make sure to leave it in for 15 minutes—next, sponge and blot. The stain will release itself from the fabric. After, treat the stain with a prewash stain remover, and toss in the wash with fabric-safe bleach. Confirm that the stain is gone before tossing your clothing into the dryer.


How To Blast Out Foundation Stains

Last but not least are foundation stains. Makeup stains on your favorite clothing can be a bummer, most especially when preparing to leave the house. Therefore, if you have a spill, resist the urge to dab it.

You want to blot up the excess with a paper towel. Raid your kitchen and grab some baking soda. Sprinkle it on the affected area and scrub with a wet toothbrush. For more on removing stains on check out our handy guide here.