A Guide To Faking A Clean House In A Few Minutes

We are sorry Marie Kondo, this by no way a guide to be untidy but some days we really don’t have time to clean after ourselves. Therefore, this guide is for the people who want to do the impossible with minimal effort to get their house in tip-top shape again.

Didn’t clean up from last night’s solo pizza party? Bid goodbye to your list of excuses when your significant other drops without notice and get ready to stun as they wonder how you are always put together. 

These tips are so simple that even on the laziest of days, you will find it in yourself to organize your things. But first we’ve got to start from somewhere. Read on to find out how to fake a clean house in just a few minutes. 

Spend Ten Minutes Straightening Your Items

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Untidy areas are usually amplified by the clutter around them. Therefore, take only ten minutes from your twenty-four hours to clear up. Move around the house and find a place for your misplaced items and keep them away in an orderly fashion. 

Tidy up the piles of remotes, throw blankets you’ve strewn everywhere, especially the pillows facing in all sorts of directions. Remember, the room doesn’t have to necessarily look immaculate, it just has to look organized. Doing this will make the world of a difference. 

Use Stylish Storage Containers

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Stock up on stylish storage containers, preferably with closed lids. It can feel very frustrating by having no place to store your items. Consequently, the room can look very disorganized very fast. Just putting away things can instantly make the room look more minimal.

This is especially true for smaller spaces. Invest in baskets, quality storage boxes, and shelves that easily blend in the house. Place them around to maximize space. However, keep in mind these are temporary storage areas so always remember to get back to it. 

Scent Control

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Light candles around your house, preferably scented ones. Having lit candles around the room can instantly make it look more serene while leaving it with a yummy smell. However, ensure to put them off before sleeping to avoid accidents. 

Also, spray the house with cleaning items such as glass cleaner. This creates an impression of a freshly cleaned home. Alternatively, if you have the time go the extra mile and bake treats such as cookies for a scent you can eat… but we both know there is no way you’re doing that

Tidy The Main Rooms

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Since this is to be done in minutes, focus on the main areas. It can feel overwhelming trying to tackle cleaning the entire house at once. Therefore, since you are pressed on time, focus on the area you have most of your video calls or host visitors.

Close all the doors to draw attention to the designated area. This is especially important if you have piles of items stashed in some rooms and even closet doors that could potentially be stuffed with clothes waiting to burst free. 

Keep Counters Clear

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Want to hear a scary story? It starts with one dish. The kitchen is where we spend most of our time preparing delicious dishes, thus it is important to clear up after yourself immediately to avoid what lays ahead

Chaos can be created with stacks of pots and pans, and boxes of fast food. A cramped space can make the kitchen look unclean and not suitable to prepare meals. So take the time to clear out the counters tops to make your home look cleaner. 

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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