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A Guide To Finding Your Correct Bra Cup Size


April 21, 2021

You know the feeling of getting home and ripping your bra through the arm of your shirt and throwing it across the room. We all know the feeling. It’s one of the best feelings in the world! Do you think we might not have to do it if our bras fit correctly, though? 

Many women are wearing the incorrect bra size without even knowing it. Wearing the correct bra size can make your clothing fit better and increase your self-confidence. 

Here are some tips on finding your correct bra size so that you feel confident and comfortable. 

Find Your Band Size 

You’ll need to know your band size to understand how big the bra should be around your back. This will allow your bra to feel secure around your back and ribs. 

You can do this by standing up straight and measuring tape around your ribs under your breasts. Ensure that you are not extending your rib cage by breathing in deeply, as this will result in the wrong size being measured. 

Find Your Cup Size

Once you have found your band size, you will need to find your actual cup size so that your breasts are covered and secured in your bra. 

You can do this by placing a measuring tape around your back and over the middle of your breasts across your nipples. 

Now that you have both of those measurements, you will need to take your bust measurement (which will usually be the larger of the two) and subtract the band measurement from it. This will give you your cup size. 

The difference between the two numbers will let you know which cup you are in. If they are the same measurement, you’re an AA cup; if there’s a one-inch difference, you’re an A cup, and so on. 

Knowing How To Size Up (Or Down) 

Sometimes you might need to go down one cup size for a more comfortable fit; if you need to do this, make sure that you go up one band size. 

Similarly, if you need to go up a band size, you should go down one cup. This will ensure that the bra still fits you correctly and feels comfortable. 

Checking The Size 

To ensure that you have measured your bra size correctly, you should go and find a bra of that size end test it with your body. Doing this will allow you to make any adjustments you need to before buying the bra. 

You should try the bra on and adjust the straps to fit your shoulders correctly. Once you have done this, bend forward and jump a little. If both of your breasts stay secure in the bra, that is the correct size for you. 


Try And Try Again 

It is important to remember that your bra size is not static throughout your life. With weight gain or loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, your bra size could change. 

For this reason, you should measure your bra size over and over again to stay in the correct bra size and feel comfortable at all times.