A Guide To Keeping Your Hair Sleek

Daniella Segell
Sep 12, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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Whether you're having fun in the summer sun or bundling up against the frigid temperatures that winter has to offer, your hair might have a mind of its own and become a humungous frizz ball anytime you leave it without any products in it.


It is something that people worldwide deal with daily, but nothing something that they have to deal with. Controlling frizzy hair is simple enough if you have the correct products to use and habits to adopt.

Here are some ways to control the frizz and get beautifully sleek hair, no matter your hair type.

Hair Cut


Reducing the amount of frizz you see in your hair starts with your haircut. Getting a good haircut will eliminate the possibility that your hair will frizz almost entirely because your hair will be healthy and dry.

The key to getting a good haircut is ensuring that your hairdresser understands your hair type and how to cut it so that your hair is beautiful and healthy and has the chance to show off your natural hair texture.

Hair Dryer


We know that hair dryers are expensive. We know that beauty products, in general, are expensive, but believe us when we say that one of the best ways to ensure that your hair doesn't frizz is to invest in a good hairdryer.

A good hairdryer will make all the difference to your hair care routine because salon-quality hairdryers and brushes to go with them will allow you to walk out of the house every day as if you've just stepped out of the salon.



When you're styling your hair with a hairdryer or flat iron, you have become accustomed to feeling the fiery heat coming off of it and feeling like it is the only thing helping you style your hair.

However, this is not true. If you turn down the heat on your hairdryer or find a flat iron with temperature control, you will see that turning down the heat still allows you to do the job you want without damaging your hair.



Most of us style our hair straight out of the shower and then restyle it each day before we step out into the world. While this is a much quicker and easier way to do things, it is ineffective in keeping frizz at bay.

If you want your hair to stay sleek until its next wash, you will need to get it each time you want to style it. It seems tedious, but it will help keep curly hair away and ensure that your hair always looks its best.



If you want silky smooth hair, it only makes sense that you would need to sleep on a silk pillow to keep it that way. Normal pillowcases tend to make your hair frizzy because of the friction that the hair experiences on the pillow.

You can get smoother hair by investing in silk pillowcases, which will reduce the friction that the hair experiences throughout the night and ensure that the pillowcase does not absorb any of the hair's moisture.



Healthy and hydrated hair is happy hair that does not frizz as easily. If your hair is constantly hydrated correctly, it will be much less likely to frizz when you style it daily.

Conditioning your hair is important when trying to reduce frizz as it nourishes the hair in all the places where the hair would usually frizz, and it helps the hair stay sleek and beautiful throughout the day.



When your hair is clean and looks beautiful, it is very difficult not to touch it. All you want to do is run your hands through your hair so you can feel how luxurious it feels, but all this is doing is making your hair oily and promoting frizz.

Touching your hair once it is dry will only cause it to frizz even more because you tend to separate strands when you touch your hair, promoting frizziness. Best to keep your hands below the neck.

Heat Protection


If you are the type of person who does not feel like using less heat on your hair helps you at all, then it is okay for you to use a little heat each time that you style your hair, so long as you ensure that you do not damage your hair with the heat.

The best way to do this is to ensure that the heat is not too close to the hair if you use a hairdryer and use a heat protection spray or serum on your hair before you begin drying it.



If all else fails you, you can always use hairspray to tame your frizz a little bit. We're not telling you to douse yourself in hairspray to ensure that you do not have any fly-away hairs roaming about, though.

All you need to do is mist your hairbrush or comb with a little hairspray and then comb through your hair. Doing this will allow your hair to sit well and be sleek without you having to add too much product to it.