A Guide To Manage A Relationship With Substance Abuse Issues

Jun 01, 2021
02:00 P.M.
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The world we live in is filled with substances that alter our minds. Many of these substances are acceptable, such as alcohol, and then others are far less acceptable, like illicit narcotics.


Either way, we are surrounded by substances and, therefore, substance abuse. It becomes a much bigger reality when your partner abuses a substance, though, and not many people know how to deal with that.

Here are some things that you can do if your partner suffers from addiction.

Don’t Enable Them



When you love someone, you are willing to make excuses for them and try to cover for them in situations where they are acting out because of the substance they are abusing. Doing this is harmful to both you and the addict.


Making excuses for them, allowing them to neglect responsibilities, and neglecting your own needs to take care of the addict are all enabling behaviors that will only result in the addict feeling as though they are not doing anything wrong.

Set Boundaries



When you have an addict in your life, it is extremely important to set firm, healthy boundaries not to get taken advantage of. Ensure that the addict knows what your boundaries are and sees consequences if the boundary is overstepped.


Having healthy boundaries will not only protect you but will ensure that the addict knows that their disease is not yours and that you do not have to deal with it if you do not wish to do so.

Support Groups



While many people think you should simply get out of the relationship you’re in with an addict, it is very seldom that easy. However, many support groups can help you.


These support groups are made up of people in a similar situation to you and have advice and words of wisdom that might help you through your situation. You can find these support groups worldwide.




You may have been with the addict for a long time, and their behavior may have been affecting you for years. In this case, you will probably need the help of a therapist to differentiate your life from the addict’s.

Often when we are in a relationship with an addict, we tend to forget about ourselves because we constantly worry about the addict. Having a therapist will ensure that you are focused.




You can never force someone into rehabilitation because they will not reap the program’s benefits if they do not want to be there. However, you can suggest it to the addict and see how they feel.

Rehabilitation is an excellent way to ensure that the addict stays healthy and your life can be stress-free without worrying about substance abuse any longer. Ensure that the addict has chosen to go to rehab on their own, though.

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