A Guide To Managing Migraine Hangovers

One of the worst things about having a migraine is not actually the migraine; it is the after-effects that the migraine has on you. It can often take a very long time to recover from having a migraine. 

This is called a ‘migraine hangover’ or postdrome, and it is the recovery process that comes after having had a migraine. Unfortunately, a migraine doesn’t simply end once the pain has dissipated and your head feels lighter. 

Here is a guide on how to deal with the hangover that comes after having a migraine. 

What Is Postdrome? 


Postdrome is the term for the after-effects that happen after your migraine has stopped. A migraine tends to affect your whole body in that you tense up because of the pain that comes with it. 

Because of this, you can experience many postdrome symptoms such as body aches or stiffness, and fatigue. These symptoms will be because your body had tensed up, and you spent a lot of energy trying to manage the pain that came with the migraine. 


Postdrome can also consist of things such as dizziness, trouble concentrating, or sensitivity to light. These are all completely normal following a migraine because you will have residual discomfort from the migraine. 

How To Handle It


You will likely feel quite depleted following a migraine and might not have the energy to deal with postdrome right away. This is completely normal, and you need to get a good amount of rest to recover a little.

Once you have rested enough to feel strong enough to deal with the postdrome symptoms that you are having, you can begin to deal with postdrome in a way that will allow you to feel better while remaining sensitive. 


One of the quickest and easiest ways to deal with any residual pain or discomfort that comes with postdrome is to take a pain reliever. If you are on medication for migraines, phone your doctor to find out which pain relievers would be best for you. 

However, you can also relieve the symptoms of postdrome in a way that will provide relief for you without having the dangers of triggering another migraine with any medications that might aggravate your condition. 


You can relieve postdrome symptoms by using hot or cold compresses, limiting your exposure to bright lights, getting plenty of rest, and nourishing your body with good foods and plenty of fluids.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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