A Guide To Preparing Your Skin For The Sun

After returning to work, we have all wanted too many things. We have one want in particular due to the imminent arrival of summer. However, you must prepare the skin before exposure to sunlight. Also, don’t forget to use your sunscreen with good SPF.

We all know that sunbathing in an exaggerated way or without the necessary precautions is risky and harmful. For this reason, it is advisable to equip yourself as best as possible for the start of the tan season.

The trio of summer? Exfoliating, moisturizing, and supplement. Before exposing yourself to the sun, start preparing your skin by cleaning it thoroughly, moisturizing it, and helping it with ad hoc supplements.



The exfoliation of the skin is essential because it allows the body to eliminate the dead cells on the same surface. These, in the long run, occlude the skin and worsen its state of health. Therefore, you must eliminate them to allow perfect cell regeneration.

The consequence of dead skin is that these make the epidermis more gray and dull. With a nice rubbing, however, these are eliminated, the skin is deeply cleansed and becomes radiant again.

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Scrubs and gommage are the ideal solutions. With manual action, they are rubbed on the body with a sponge, some even with a body brush, and the micro granules contained act making the skin softer. Which one to choose between the two?

Compared to the scrub, the gommage has a more delicate texture; the granules are smaller and are mixed with moisturizing ingredients that do not irritate the epidermis. This is why they are suitable for the most delicate areas, such as the face and the most sensitive skin. 


An alternative to scrubs and gommages? The dry brushing, or brushing the skin with a sponge or a dry body brush. The skin exfoliates itself naturally but in an even more delicate. For sensitive skin, soft bristles and more gentle pressure are better.



After exfoliating, the skin is tired and therefore needs to be soothed. For the body, creams and butter, which have denser textures, are perfect because they contain emollient substances that help nourish the skin.

Indeed the most effective ingredients in this sense are the rich ones, for example, shea butter. This step is essential because the more the skin is hydrated and nourished and therefore has fewer scales caused by skin dryness, the more the tan is brighter and lasts longer.

Opt For Supplements And Herbal Teas

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Of course, supplements and herbal teas, and a sun-proof diet are essential for a beautiful complexion. Rich in beta-carotene, the supplements are generally in tablets, taken daily, and help awaken melanin production.

And if you eat yellow-orange foods daily, that’s it! In addition to the supplement, there are also herbal teas that act from the inside on two fronts: in addition to preparing the skin for tanning, they help keep it healthy, compact, fight oxidative stress and the appearance of wrinkles caused by the sun itself.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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